Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brad with Caroline and Carson on Father's Day

Christi, myself and Patrick with our Papa or New Papa as the great grandkids renamed him

Papa with 3 of his children Aunt Cyndi, my Daddy and Aunt Mary

The 3 Namesakes

Marsha and Papa

So as promised I knew this would be a few days. We had a wonderful Father's Day this year. After my grandfather's heart attack scare, we felt even more blessed to still have him here with us. We celebrated with a cookout at Aunt Cyndi's in Jackson, followed by that wonderful family time. We have a large family and wish everyone else could have shared in this special day with us but just the same the family that was there made for a wonderful day of shared stories and laughs. God truly does bless us with our families. They make our lives so special, more than we ever realize until it is too late. And since this is my blog about father's it would only be appropriate to brag about the perfect ones in my life. I think all little girls think their daddy is better than anyone else's but as a grown woman I still feel that way. Now God has blessed me with Brad who is in the same league. He does so much with Caroline and Carson. And even though he is the discipline parent some how he still gets to be the fun parent. How did that happen? He always makes time to make everything special for our kids. He spends time with them no matter what else has to be sacrificed and he even still gets up with them at night for going on now 3 years instead of always expecting me to do it. Brad truly is a special man.

Caroline and Carson playing a tune.

Patrick and Momma

Daddy and Caroline

Caroline being a ham. I love this picture of her.

Aunt Mary and her 2 boys Joseph and Andrew with Papa.

Aunt Cyndi and her family with Papa. Eric, Jackson, Dallas, Catie, Matt.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bath Night

Caroline is my big helper. Last night it was bath time and not only for Caroline and Carson but Libby and Knox as well. Those are the joys of having inside dogs(they require regular baths) With Libby in the bath, Caroline was glad to climb right in to help. Thank goodness she was content with helping with just Libby. Knox doesn't care much for baths and being a big dog he is plenty to contend to in the bath. All the same I thought Libby and Caroline made for quite a cute bath time picture.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Uncle P's new baby

Uncle Patrick got a new puppy named Brooks. He is the cutest weenie dog. Caroline loves him as you can tell. I think she would be even happier if we just let her put a bonnet and a diaper on him.


Like Father like son

Brad and Carson
I'm sure it will be a a while before I make the time to blog again so before hand this is my tribute to daddies. And on my list here are the best. I think all little girls want to grow up and find someone just like their daddies and since mine is the best of course I did. At first I wasn't sure if Brad was going to be able to measure up by but the longer I spend with him the more I see him being like my own father. I hope that when Carson grows up he will be a father JUST like Brad.

Papa and Daddy

Cake Batter what a wonderful taste!

Caroline can be so sweet to Carson. Sunday we had a family cookout so before everyone got there Caroline helped me make cupcakes. She was such a big help and even offered to share the beater with Carson. This was Carson's first taste of cake batter and I think he likes it more than the cake. If you would take it away he would squeal and follow you around for more. I was so proud of Caroline for sharing. She is a wonderful big sister. Carson was her "baby" and now he is her "brother". Last night when I got home from work, they were chasing each other around on the floor, giggling and having the best time.

For the thanks they don't get...

A little after the fact but as promised here are the pictures of the swing set. After the wait and calling in reinforcements (my daddy came to help) it was well worth it to see Caroline play on it. She thinks it is the BEST and of course cause "my daddy made it FOR ME" as she says. That sparkle it puts in her eye is wonderful. And I must say I am quite proud of Brad and Daddy myself. Not that I ever doubted but it was an awful lot of parts on such a rainy, nasty weekend. Daddy did a great job putting it together. So for all the things daddies do that they never get thanks for, I have come to realize that sometimes a thanks is not needed when you see that sparkle in your child's eye. AND that thanks can come in so many ways... because to hear Caroline say in excitement "MY daddy made it FOR ME!" says so much more than thanks.