Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weimaraner Puppies for Sale

FOR SALE:  AKC registered Weimaraner puppies just born Saturday.  They are so cute.  Very loving dogs, great with children and love being a part of the family.  Great hunters and very loyal to their owners.  4 girls and 7 boys.  If interested please call 481-7112.  These are going for a great price so they will go fast.  Pass the word along if you know anyone interested.  I will post more pictures as they start to grow.

The daddy of the puppies seen on the left and the mother of the puppies seen on the right with the puppies.

Kittens ready for a Good Home

We have kittens ready for a good home so pass the word along.  Two of the gray and white ones are left and the one tabby and white.  Right now they are 6 weeks old, so they are ready to take home.

Our Busy November has come to an End

Busy November has come and gone and December starts this week.  I have failed to update my blog for this entire month.  November always starts our family holiday rush and this Thanksgiving season I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family to have that holiday rush with.  The Lord has truely blessed me with such wonderful family and friends and I feel that blessing each day and with each memory we share.  Tonight as I sit upstairs in the quite, as the kids have gone to bed and I listen to it rain, I decided no time like now to play catch up on my blog.  It is my thearpy in a whirlwind life (which is why at times I tend to ramble on). 

This month began with Aubrey and Tucker's birthday on the 12th of November.  My sister as different as we are showed me this year that really we are more and more alike.  Never interested in being that social butterfly I saw a side of her that brought tears to my eyes.  Though we are very different in many ways for our kids we would do ANYTHING.  Coming out of her shell is somethig VERY hard for Christie to do but this year she did.  Aubrey and Tucker turned 8 this year and in years past have mainly done family birthday parties.  This year, they wanted a big party with ALL their friends.  Being a single mom can often times be a struggle but like I said for your kids you will do ANYTHING.  So Christie gave in and let them invite every kid from each of their classes.  This meant 40 kids and potentially that many parents.  I was amazed that she knowingly would be putting herself in a crowd this size.  She started by taking off work and baking 50 cupcakes to take to each of their classes and then on for the party.  Due to the potential number of people Christie decided to have the party at the park.  Beautiful warm weather for the month of November helped a great deal.  Many RSVP's were called in and the boys couldn't wait for their first big party.
As I tell you this next part I feel this hurt and anger inside that is so hard to contain, so I can only imagine how Christie must have felt inside.  Despite many RSVP's and much preperation of baking 100 cupcakes and doing all a single mom can to give all she has to her 3 boys for a party that started at 2pm by 2:45 only one kid had shown from Tucker's class and none from Aubreys.  Aubrey sat by a tree sobbing and hugging me so tight and as he cried because no kids came to his party, I cried because there was absoutely nothing I could do to make it better.  Finally as we were deciding to wrap things up 2 other children showed up so we let them play a while longer and as the party was ending I saw a hurt in my sister's eyes that only a mother can relate to. I only tell you this story because it truely has changed my outlook on not making that needed effort to have my kids show up to parties when they are invited.  Even when we have a million things to do, if at all possible we will be there.  Even if all we can do is stick $5 in a card.  The presence of friends lets you know you belong and knowing your children belong is a very rich blessing.

Next up for the month was my birthday.  And though I turned 31 this year I still LOVE having birthdays.  Momma and Daddy have always made birthdays so special for me and this year was no different.  We got together for some fun family time and dinner.  This year we decided to saddle up the horses.  Caroline got her first experience on a horse all by herself "cause I'm a big girl, mommy"  She was fine until Ava shook and then it took a little coaxing to keep her on but I knew if she got off she'd be done.  She loved it as you can see.

Also this month we had a women's dinner at our church.  Rarely do my mother, sister, grandmother and myself get together when it's just the girls so a women's dinner was perfect.  We had a really good time.

Next we are on to Thanksgiving.  This year I feel like I have so much more to be thankful for, that I have never taken the time to appreciate before.  I have done a lot of soul searching with my spiritual walk with God and striving to walk closer with Him has opened my eyes to so many of my blessings I think we all become guilty of taking for granted.  I still have so much growing to do but as I close the month with this thankful holiday I know that I am truly blessed and thankful for so many things.  We started Thanksgiving this year by going to the Med with our church to serve familys that have been hit with terrible circumstances during this thankful time and would be spending this holiday by a hospital bed waiting on hope.  Next we went to momma and daddy's for our family Thanksgiving.  The holiday wouldn't be complete without dragging it out so today  we finished up the holiday with another dinner.

The 5 of us never end up in the same picture.  I am so thankful for our WONDERFUL family and that we are so close!!!!!

I am thankful for a wonderful husband who is a wonderful daddy and for my precious son and thankful that he is a momma's boy!

I am so thankful for my brother and his fiance', Uncle P and Aunt Juliana.  We can't wait for Juliana to be in our family (officially)

    I am Thankful for good cousins!     For lots of fun that we've had and to be had now that we all have kids of our own.                                                             

To end the month, I went out last night with some girlfriends from highschool.  Kasey was home for the holidays.  It has been so long since I've gotten to see Kasey and it was a really nice evening.  I enjoyed seeing my friends.  We got together at Marlo's and I even splurged on a movie.  The last time I remember going to the theaters was for National Treasure if that tells you how often we get to go.  We went and saw New Moon.  Though I have never seen the first movie or read any of the Twilight books I think this may be next on my list of to do's.
Now Thanksgiving has come and gone and the month is coming to an end.  The trees are trimed and lights are hung.  We cut back on trees this year to just 2 and the kids tree, which makes 3.  3 trees are plenty for any family, right??? The kids and I had fun decorating their treeHopefully I will be better about blogging during the month of December.                    

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bunco and Friends

I must say I am  definitely one that misses these nights.  Good girlfriends are very hard to come by. 
Last Thursday we had a Bunco night reunion.  (photo courtesy of Kendra thanks!)We talked more than we played.  It has been a while since we have had the chance to get together so there was so much to catch up on that actually playing didn't seem as important as catching up.
It is so funny how life seems so busy and then you add one more child or one more activity, masters program etc and that life that you thought was so busy you couldn't keep things straight all the sudden seems so simple.  I have definitely missed the company of my good friends who have shared so many laughs and cries with me. I am so fortunate to have friends to share these laughs and cries with and know that no matter how long it has been we always seem to be able to pick up right where we left off.  So though we don't talk as often as we should, thanks to each of you for your wonderful friendship! And Christi THANKS for those delicious cupcakes you brought.  I have been wanting another raspberry one ever since I left!


My best friend is getting married. My little brother that is. One day I will have to let him grow up and I guess that day is here. Friday night he proposed to Juliana. I will have to post more pictures when I get them. He has really found a wonderful girl. So though I maybe should be a little sad that my BABY brother has to grow up I am so happy that he has found such a wonderful God fearing girl with good strong morals and values that I am so proud to have as my sister.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

And most photogenic goes to...

Pictures and fall being two of my favorite things we decided to try for a cute fall picture today. As always this becomes quite a feat when photographing my own 2 children. They never seem to sit still, look, smile or mind at the same second. And with them a second is all you get. I've learned that no matter how bad I would love that perfect shot that sometimes our cutest pictures just happen. And even the not so cute... well they end up cute. Because they make such vibrant memories. The expressions I see my kids make I can tell you exactly what is about to happen next from the pictures I catch. Try as she might Caroline is very hard to photograph. She is not one you can pose you have to have the magic of a professional to get that perfect shot of her. Or sometimes luck is on your side or make that the power of God. If she is looking, she's not smiling and if she's smiling then she's not looking. That's just my sweet little Caroline. Carson on the other hand is very photogenic and not that hard to capture a good shot of. That is if you can keep him still long enough. So today most photogenic goes to Carson. My sweet little boy that loves his mommy so much.

Are boys born with the gene?

I had to share these quick shots I took this morning while we were getting ready for church. We all are familiar with the rush on Sunday mornings...I haven't figured out why it is so much more hectic to get ready on Sunday mornings than any other morning. Any ideas on that one? Anyway ever thankful that in our hectic morning rush my little busy boy now finally will take a 5 minute break to be mesmerized by cartoons. When I peeked around the corner to check on him this is what I saw. Does it really start this early? Is is genetic for all males to have an attachment to the remote? Caroline loved to play with the remote as well as Carson, but if he is found sitting still watching tv the remote will be sitting with him.