Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on Carson

As you can see from our snow filled fun weekend, Carson is not missing a beat. He doesn’t seem bothered by his surgery a bit. He has not slowed down. Still our sweet happy rambunctious boy. Full of laughs and smiles and still slept through the night even after surgery. We are glad we were able to take his pressure bandage off Saturday. And that he could finally play in the bath again. A couple more weeks of healing and we will be done. Thanks again for everyone’s calls thoughts and prayers during Carson’s surgery and recovery.

Snow Cream UMH UMH GOOD!

What could be a more perfect way to celebrate a big snow than snow cream?

Snow Cream:

A big bowl of snow

Sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp vanilla

Stir until the right consistency.

A friend a work gave me the easiest recipe for Snow Cream. Last year we attempted to make it with milk, sugar and vanilla and it was good, but it melted too fast. This year we used the new recipe above and it was PERFECTLY DELICIOUS! Caroline and Carson had the most fun from the gathering, to the stirring to finally the eating. They could both eat their weight in it. You have to actually take it away from Carson with him screaming and crying for more.

What a fun snowy weekend!

What fun we have had in the snow!

I must confess that I had decided after our last disappointing promise of a huge snow storm I was ready to change the background of my blog, but with all the snow still around today I’m feeling a little more in the winter wonderland spirit of things.

With Carson’s surgery this past Wednesday, we didn’t want to overdo it playing in the snow, but something about the snow just makes you feel like a kid a heart. It calls you to come outside, to laugh, giggle, to throw snow balls and make snow angels, to try with all your might to get a snowman built no matter what type of snow you get, to make snow cream but most of all to just be a kid again. To leave all your worries inside as you bundle up in thick warm layers to head out to just be a kid again.

Friday we went outside for a bit after nap time. Caroline has the best time in the snow. Whether just making snow angels or just stomping all around in the snow, she loves being out in the snow. Carson is not as big a fan of the snow as Caroline. Especially Thursday when it was still snowing. He did have fun helping me throw snow balls at Brad though. We didn’t make it too long. It started snowing and sleeting and we thought it best not to over do it for Carson‘s sake. We had to make a deal with Caroline to get her inside. We would come inside to make snow cream(more on that in my next blog).

Saturday we took a lazy day and didn’t leave the couch. Around noon we decided to shower and put pj’s back on. I really love those lazy days. We watch Disney movies all day and around 5pm, Anna Claire (our preacher’s daughter) came to visit us. Caroline was so excited she was coming! After we visited with Anna Claire, it was time for bed. After getting the kids in the bed I realized the Miss America 2010 was coming on. I remember always getting to stay up past my bed time to watch when I was little and it is one of those special memories for me so off I went to get Caroline up to watch. She was so cute. She had a ton of questions about Miss America and even wore her special tiara Uncle P and Aunt J got her.

Sunday was a bit warmer and the snow had stopped falling so it was a better day to play in the snow. Though the fluffy snow was now covered with a thin layer of ice and many areas had turned to ice, we had a blast. We called Anna Claire to come over and play in the snow with us. No snow angles today but where the icicles had dripped on the snow covering the front steps, and turned to ice, it had formed a perfect slide. The slush added to the snow made it easier to form snow balls and therefore made for a fun snowball fight. It even made it easier to build snowmen. We made our 2nd round of snow cream. I think my kids could eat their weight in it. Caroline discovered icicles and decided “ice Pickles” as she refers to them are delicious. All in all it was a wonderful fun snowy weekend. But now I have to head back to work Monday no matter what condition the roads are in my job never closes. I am so thankful I was off to enjoy the snow. Some of my friends had to be at work this whole weekend and believe me I remember those weekends and it is not fun.

ON MY SOAPBOX FOR A MINUTE: Tonight after we got all our snow clothes off we were a bit stir crazy so we headed to town to check out the roads and pick up a pizza. As Brad ran in to pick up the pizza we get a call that my sister had been in a wreck so needless to say we were on our way to pick her up. Now pizza in the car with a 20 month old and a 3 year old can be an adventure but sometimes there are more important things than not making a mess. And no matter what’s going on, supper time is supper time no matter where we are. Christi had hit a patch of black ice on her way to work at Baptist East and hit a guard rail. She was completely fine but her truck was a bit messed up. It was a bit funny if that is possible in the middle of a wreck. She was fine, and since it was only her involved she had only called us to pick her up and a tow truck. A nice man had stopped to sit with her until we arrived and then we sat to wait on the tow truck. All of a sudden here come 3 or 4 police cars, 2 fire trucks, ambulances and other rescue vehicles. They looked as stunned as we did. Someone had passed by and called in the wreck as a 12 car pile up with one going over the guard rail into the river. After almost 12 years in healthcare I have seen the hard work that our police, firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics put in on the scene of accidents. I was so thankful they were there to respond and even more thankful God took care of my sister and kept her from getting a scratch . This being said, as funny as it seemed to have so many show up for a fender bender I knew it was in response to the 911 call they received with incorrect information. So remember when you need to call 911 be sure to have accurate information so as to not distract these life saving resources from others that may truly need them at that same moment.

So to end our snow filled weekend I thank God for all His Wonder. No matter the season, hot or cold he makes them all equally amazing and beautiful. To fill our lives with laughter and memories. I am so thankful to have weekends like this to share with my family and for my wonderful husband who is so much fun and would do anything for me and yes just got in from taking my sister home after her wreck and yes I’m bragging on him a bit but I don’t take the time o do that much and he deserves it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks our 4 year wedding anniversary. I’ve heard it only gets better with time and after the wonderful year we have had I must say that it seems true. It’s funny how when you think something just can’t get any better it does. God has really blessed me with a wonderful husband! Even though we’ve been together closer to 6 years it still seems like such a short time in so many ways. The longer we are together, the better we get along and the better we get along the faster time flies. Brad I love you and thank you for loving me! Happy anniversary!

Last weekend Brad and I decided we would spend time celebrating our anniversary. Christi just so happened to be reading my mind and called to see if Caroline and Carson could spend the night. So Saturday we headed to Memphis for some grownup time just me and Brad. We never have to do much to have a load of fun. We goofed off most of the day and decided on dinner and a movie by the end of the day. We ended up downtown to eat at Hard Rock. Hard Rock has sentimental value to us because when we got engaged in Gatlinburg we ended up eating at the Hard Rock there to celebrate our engagement. So, it seemed like a fitting way to celebrate such a wonderful year. Next we went to the movies. The movies is a place we rarely visit anymore so there were several we wanted to see. We ended up deciding on Avatar which was not on our list of want to sees. But the theater was showing Avatar in 3D and sense we had never seen a movie in 3D we though it would be a neat experience. WHAT A GREAT PICK! Not only was it a good movie but it was really neat to watch it in 3D. I highly recommend it!

The next morning we got to sleep in until we were ready to wake up. After calling to check on the kids, Christi encouraged us to go have brunch and she would bring the kids home later. What a great idea! We went to IHOP for some delicious pancakes and by this time really felt like we had been able to celebrate our anniversary.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Carson's surgery day.

Carson and daddy at Lebonheur before surgery.

Mommy and Carson waiting for surgery time.

Today was Carson’s recircumsision surgery. All went well. We had to be at Lebonheur at 6am to get checked in. The staff there is wonderful! We were put in a room and Carson went back around 8am. He was in recovery by 9am. Once he was in recovery we got to go hold him while they monitored him. Then back to our room where they monitored him some more due to him having anesthesia. He was a very sleepy boy. After 2 cups of apple juice we were discharged around noon. Once on the interstate after we thought all was well Carson was back asleep and resting and suddenly awoke vomiting everywhere. Of course we didn’t prepare for this so there was no towel no bucket just his favorite blanket to save the day. Once we got things somewhat cleaned up back on the way home we went. Then Carson spiked a pretty high fever. We called and his doctor, Dr. Williams assured us this could be a side effect from anesthesia to monitor him and as long as it came down and was gone by tomorrow and he would still take in fluids not to worry. So we let Carson sleep most of the rest of the day and he got up as normal as could be around 4:30pm. He played for a while and laid in our bed to watch cartoons and eat some crackers (yes one of the perks to being sick around here is eating crackers in bed). I figured he would be up tonight due to sleeping all day but he is sound asleep. I am so happy things went well. Thank you all for all your calls and prayers.

My sweet boy, back from recovery and not quite out of anesthesia yet.
Time to wake up and get some fluids down so we can go home.

Around 5pm back to normal.  My sweet happy boy

One of my many treasures in life

A Faint Rainbow makes a wonderful day!!


What could be better than fresh air and a fudge round?  After the rain last weekend we were so bored sitting in the house so we decided after naptime we would go outside for just a bit to get some fresh air. What greeted us but a faint rainbow in the sky. Caroline talked with us about why God makes rainbows and we enjoyed our fudge rounds as we talked. I really treasure those family moments when all is as it should be. The world seems so amazing to me but even more so when I look at it through my children’s eyes.

Bubbles make you giggle

One of those days when no matter what has happened your children can always make you laugh kinda days. Caroline and Carson love to take showers. Caroline calls it playing in the rain. I’m just glad they love bath time. Well the other night the kids had been bathed and now they were getting a few extra minutes of play time. Caroline thought it would be fun to pour out daddy’s new bottle of shampoo but gave herself away because she rubbed her eyes and got soap all in them. So after rinsing waist deep suds down the drain and clearing the kids of all suds I got Caroline out to dry off. When I went back for Carson, what did I find but my little boy who already wants to be just like his big sister. Carson had dumped out most of the rest of the shampoo and was covered in bubbles as he sloshed the water all around to make more. When I opened the door it caught him by surprise but to see such a happy look of satisfaction on his face that he had just done exactly as Caroline…How could I help but giggle with him?

What a father and son moment!

Look at my sweet boys.  God really blessed me with both of these.  So sweet and kind.  Brad is such a wonderful father!  Thank you Lord for always knowing exactly what I need even when I don't.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First snow of 2010!

Our big snow storm last week was well… a little disappointing after last year. But I do love snow! The best part about this snow storm was that it spit snow on and off for a few days but it never really stuck much of anywhere. Oh well maybe we will get some more snow before spring. Here are our few pictures from this year. Not really worth getting bundled up to play in, especially Carson having a sinus infection and Caroline having bilateral ear infections but it was fun to look at.

Carson watching the snow

This was all the snow!

Below:  This was last February.
Now That was a snow storm!

Caroline's 1st Day of Preschool

Caroline's First day of PreSchool
at Lighthouse Christian Academy

Look at my big girl!

Last week was Caroline’s first full week of school and it was fabulous! She LOVES picking out what she wants to take for her lunch and she is so proud of all her work she gets to bring home each week.  The first day was hard for, well just me.  Yes I cried and Brad and Caroline were all smiles.  She just walked right into class and turned around to wave bye. 
Brad and I have talked before about Caroline starting preschool but I just assumed we would start this coming August when she was almost 4. Little did I know those ideas would change. We LOVE our babysitter so it was really difficult to make the decision to move to preschool. But we could also tell that Caroline was becoming bored and starting to need more structure in her day. We looked at several preschools and I was so torn. Either not accepting applications at the present or not being feasible due to our work schedules would their be one that was perfect for us? I myself wasn’t ready for Caroline to be a big girl. Couldn’t she just stay at Mrs. Gail’s where she has been safe and sound since she was twelve weeks old? She is already so independent which makes me want to hold onto her tighter. I know she has to grow up no matter how I feel about it and so as I prayed about it I realized that me being selfish and wanting to stay “mommy” and not become “MOM” I was holding my smart little girl back from being her best. After talking with Brad and through prayer we decided to go ahead and start Caroline at the first of January. We chose Lighthouse Christian Academy in Millington. We have been so impressed. Not only with the school itself but the teachers, administration and curriculum. Caroline has already learned so much. Each day she comes home and can tell us a new Bible story or count a little higher than the day before. I am so glad God lead us to make the decision we did. Caroline has been so well behaved and such a help. It’s like she knows that she is a big girl now and that somehow that makes her feel so important.

Look at those faces!  Maybe not in the picture mood just yet!

Caroline and mommy on Caroline's 1st day of preschool