Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where does the time go? There is never enough time in my day to complete all the tasks on my to do list but it’s times like right now that I have a minute to sit and look back over things and realize that’s okay. So where have we been? Making memories that’s where so now I will have to take a minute to update our family blog.

As you all know we have had much trouble with Carson’s teeth after his fall. On our first visit we learned that one of his two front teeth was chipped pretty bad and that the tooth we thought was the worst was in fact pushed back into his gum, not broken off as we suspected. We were told most likely it would come back down on it’s own so we waited. Great news, it did in fact come back down. A few weeks ago we went back for our check up and bad news from the x-rays the tooth that had made it’s way back down appeared to be abscessed, so we were to come back in 2 months for more x-rays to make sure and decide what to do. That was on a Thursday. The following Monday, Carson spiked a fever and cried and cried all he would say was “teeth hurt” I couldn’t get him to eat or drink ANYTHING. Finally I convinced him to try some applesauce but he wouldn’t eat it cold so I think maybe his teeth really do hurt. We called the dentist who got us back in the very next day put us on an antibiotic and after a week of crying and applesauce at room temperature, our follow up visit seemed to be looking up. We still have to go back in October for another check up but as of right now there is no major outcome in the near future.

So after taking off work all week to stay home and do what I could to console Carson what did I learn? That being a stay at home mom is just as hard as I knew it would be but it is the little things that you take for granted. This was the first week that I can recall since I had Caroline and Carson that I actually got to cook supper and we could sit down and eat as a family for 7 nights in a row. My current work schedule just doesn’t allow for that. So for all my friends that are stay at home mom’s, I will continue to wish that I could stay at home with my children every day and I will continue to cheer you on for all the little things you do that make our kids lives great.

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