Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Christi!

Happy Birthday Christi! Or should I say Crystal Gale. That's what I called her when we were growing up and I was Barbara Mandrel cause I had the BIG mouth. Me with a big mouth, you think? Or maybe we should change it to Aunt Cre Cre now. When I sit and think of all the hats my sister wears, it reminds me what a truly special person she is. Though we have been complete opposites our entire lives, as we age I have started to realize that we are not as different as I think. I thank God that he has been able to show me what a special gift I have in a sister. Not everyone is blessed with a sister and regardless of the ways he made us different I wouldn't trade her for anything. As I've gotten older I have come to understand that special bond and have learned to cherish it. Becoming a mom has had it's hand in bring us closer too, maybe because it gives us something in common or actually many things in common. Now not only do we both have children but we have the same hopes and wishes, fears and dreams for our children. Thank-you God for my sister and for letting me grow up and realize just what a special thing it is to have a sister! And Christi, for all the hats you wear I am proud of you. Have a wonderful, wonderful Birthday!!!!!!

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