Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Circus at the Circus

Our first Circus was... well a circus but I guess that's the way kids can be sometimes. Besides that we tried to squeeze it into an already packed day in Memphis on Valentine's Day during nap time, then it becomes obvious that it was by no means the fault of Caroline and Carson that it was a day to put behind us. So after all the whines and requests for blinking snow cones and light swords, cotton candy and popcorn we made it through to the end. All in all it was still our first circus and therefore whatever memories we have from it we will one day look back and cherish. Pictures didn't get high on the priority list for this event. Under the circumstances, and to add that most of the time things were dark or too far away to capture a good image... It was Caroline's first of few times to get to ride an elephant and a one of many to ride a pony (but I'm certain that a circus pony is completely different than any other pony) All in all it was a memory all children should have and I'm grateful the Lord blesses me with the means to give my children these memories to cherish.

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