Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a FUN weekend!

I hadn't planned to blog for a few weeks because I really need to have my nose buried in review books but I had to share some pictures from our weekend. My children really have become my life and it is so much fun!! We really did nothing but play outside thanks be to God that provided us with such BEAUTIFUL weather. Friday we got out the sidewalk chalk and colored all over the driveway and front sidewalk.
Then we got out the bubble machine and went through half a bottle of bubbles just playing and chasing them. If you don't have a bubble machine for your kids, I highly recommend one. It is so much less of a mess and there is no way I could compete with the million bubbles is blows. When Brad got home from work, we played hide and seek and raced each other. Then inside we went for movie night.

Saturday we woke up and decided to take the kids to the Ripley Water park. Did I say beautiful weather? Not so much for swimming. It was FREEZING! But we toughed it out. I don't think the water is ever too cold for kids. At first Carson hated it and screamed
but when he finally adjusted to the water he had a blast. He laughed and splashed and the wind would blow and his lip would quiver from being so cold. Caroline was never phased. Finally after uncountable throws in the pool and slides down the water slide we talked Caroline into drying off and going to the park to play where we could warm up some. That afternoon it was on to Memphis for a stop and Baskin Robbins for ice cream and Brad's ball game. What fun we had!

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