Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Weekend Celebration for the 4th

The 4th of July was a wonderful holiday this year. It's always nice for our family when the holiday falls on a weekend because Brad gets an extra day off so we get extra family time together. This time we spent the Friday before the 4th at the zoo. What a wonderful fun trip it was. I think I like the zoo at least as much as the kids. It was busy but not so many people that we felt crowded. Caroline and Carson were able to walk some instead of riding in the stroller the whole time which made the whole day even nicer. There were so many baby animals. Baby ducks, a baby monkey, a baby elephant on the way, several young giraffes. Baby ducks I think made the top of Caroline's list. She was fond of most of the animals as was Carson.

Children always come up with the most hilarious things to say. My top pick of the day was when Caroline said "Look daddy! Those monkeys need to put on some unnerware" Guess she noticed their pink hinies. How could you miss them? My second was when Carson looked up at the very tall giraffe and said "Bird" He sounded just like Flower the skunk on Bambi. I was so proud he said bird for the first time who cared if it was a giraffe instead. We finished off with a snow cone on the way to cat country where Brad and the kids enjoyed playing in the water mister for a while. After our day trip to the zoo filled with a picnic lunch and snow cones, we called it a day.

Caroline and Maci

Carson watching the fireworks

Saturday we hung around the house most of the day but went to a get together at Chase, Lia and Maci's for a firework show. I love living across the street from family. We don't get together near as much as I would like but it's so nice to be able to run over for a quick chat from time to time. Carson LOVED the fireworks. Caroline wasn't the biggest fan but decided they were great if it meant she didn't have to go to bed on time.
Sunday we finished off the weekend of the 4th with the remainder of the sparklers.
What a great weekend to celebrate our freedom.

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Bonnie said...

pictures are adorable!!! sounds like yall had a wonderful weekend!