Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Anniversary

Our 3 year anniversary will be this week. I am thankful that I found such a wonderful man to take care of me. Brad is such a wonderful dad. He takes so much time with Caroline and Carson. It hasn't been that long and with as busy as our lives have stayed it makes it seem even shorter. Within that 3 short years we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for. The first year we built a new house and Caroline was born that September. Building a house while being pregnant in the first year of marriage should be my sign that we can get through anything. Year two we were pregnant again and had Carson May 2008. We thank the Lord for all that he has blessed us with and and continues to bless us with and for the ability to be able to celebrate all these special times in our lives.

All Bundled Up but We Missed the Snow

We missed playing in the snow this week because I had to work that day, but we were all ready for it. Maybe we will get just one more snow like that before the weather gets warm

The Sink has Shrunk

With Caroline becoming such a big girl we though we would have just one more bath in the kitchen sink before she really isn't a baby anymore. It was lots of fun but somehow more work than it was when she was a tiny baby. And yes she is too big for this and it will have to be the last. Sometimes it is just hard to let go and know that your children aren't little babies anymore.

We are on our way to being a big girl

One day before Christmas, Caroline just decided that diapers were for babies and she wasn't wearing them anymore. It was time for big girl panties. So with enthusiasm I went with it. It has been a long process that we are still working on with some days being lots better than others but since she refuses to wear a diaper because "I not a baby, I a big girl" what choice do I have but to trudge along in hopes that accidents and wet pants will soon be behind us.

One little Monkey jumping on the Bed

As silly as it sounds this is really working for us. Each night before bed Caroline gets to jump in her big girl bed and now Caroline for the most part is sleeping in her own bed all night. So at 2 and a half Brad and I have finally gotten her out of our bed. So here's to a restful night.

Patty Cakes Custom Children's Clothing

Our Softest Minky outfits with matching appliqued shirts.

Our first of many photo shoots for our Nonnee's blog. With my mother busy making children's clothes, many of which are for my children we decided we would from time to time show off some of what she makes on our own blog.
Visit Nonnee's blog at

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Lord Blesses in His Time

This is a praise for my mother. The Lord has blessed her with a wonderful talent, that of sewing. She has sewn for the public for 35 years now, and after devoting her time to raising her children has decided she would like to sew for the public full time. Not just because she is my mother but she truly has a one of a kind talent. She can make anything you can imagine from children's clothing, to wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, to draperies, bedspreads and coverlets, quilts to coats, costumes and dance apparel you name it and she can create it. But her true passion is children's clothing and design. Smocking, embroidery, monogramming, applique, french hand sewn and more. For a few years now she has been working to get her business started and after a struggle last year for us to create a web-site without much response it seemed as if maybe the time just wasn't right. Now thanks to my friends, my new introduction to blogging has given me hopes in helping her once again try to get her name out to the public. Please check out her new blog at:
Add it to your blogs to follow and send it to all you think would be interested. I pray the Lord will have his hand in this. With Him I know she can succeed with her new children's line Patty Cakes.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Christi!

Happy Birthday Christi! Or should I say Crystal Gale. That's what I called her when we were growing up and I was Barbara Mandrel cause I had the BIG mouth. Me with a big mouth, you think? Or maybe we should change it to Aunt Cre Cre now. When I sit and think of all the hats my sister wears, it reminds me what a truly special person she is. Though we have been complete opposites our entire lives, as we age I have started to realize that we are not as different as I think. I thank God that he has been able to show me what a special gift I have in a sister. Not everyone is blessed with a sister and regardless of the ways he made us different I wouldn't trade her for anything. As I've gotten older I have come to understand that special bond and have learned to cherish it. Becoming a mom has had it's hand in bring us closer too, maybe because it gives us something in common or actually many things in common. Now not only do we both have children but we have the same hopes and wishes, fears and dreams for our children. Thank-you God for my sister and for letting me grow up and realize just what a special thing it is to have a sister! And Christi, for all the hats you wear I am proud of you. Have a wonderful, wonderful Birthday!!!!!!

Blessings for a New Year!

Happy New year to all!!! We had a wonderful 2008 and I look forward to all that 2009 will bring. We have much to be happy and thankful for. Here are some of our best times from 2008. And we wish all of you a New year filled with many Blessings and for Our Lord to fill you and your home with happiness this new year.