Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Frog that got away.

Why is it so fun to chase a frog even if you are scared to touch it? Sunday night after we got ready for bed, Brad saw a frog on the patio so we decided to show it to Caroline. She was so intrigued. She squatted down and followed it all around but touch it she would not dare. Finally he hopped right off into the grass and gone he was along with Caroline's excuse to stay out of bed.

Just a FUN weekend!

I hadn't planned to blog for a few weeks because I really need to have my nose buried in review books but I had to share some pictures from our weekend. My children really have become my life and it is so much fun!! We really did nothing but play outside thanks be to God that provided us with such BEAUTIFUL weather. Friday we got out the sidewalk chalk and colored all over the driveway and front sidewalk.
Then we got out the bubble machine and went through half a bottle of bubbles just playing and chasing them. If you don't have a bubble machine for your kids, I highly recommend one. It is so much less of a mess and there is no way I could compete with the million bubbles is blows. When Brad got home from work, we played hide and seek and raced each other. Then inside we went for movie night.

Saturday we woke up and decided to take the kids to the Ripley Water park. Did I say beautiful weather? Not so much for swimming. It was FREEZING! But we toughed it out. I don't think the water is ever too cold for kids. At first Carson hated it and screamed
but when he finally adjusted to the water he had a blast. He laughed and splashed and the wind would blow and his lip would quiver from being so cold. Caroline was never phased. Finally after uncountable throws in the pool and slides down the water slide we talked Caroline into drying off and going to the park to play where we could warm up some. That afternoon it was on to Memphis for a stop and Baskin Robbins for ice cream and Brad's ball game. What fun we had!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Hooper Summer is Only HALF Over

I haven't had much chance to update my blog this summer but thanks to having small children our summer gets to last longer than most, since we don't have to go back to school. So since this is about midway through our summer here is our updates of what we have been up to so far...

I have been buried in books studying and trying to teach myself everything one should know for my CT or CAT Scan boards. This is where I should be right now but I had to take a break. I'm feeling an overload. Brad has been a huge help during my study time. He always spends a lot of time with the kids but he has really helped around the house a lot. And while I study, after the kids are in bed, he spends quite time reading and studying his Bible as to not distract me with tv noise. God has blessed me so much with a husband that is becoming such a good spiritual leader of our household. Marriage is not always an easy journey but ours has been so blessed. Each day things get easier. We seem to work so well together now. We have really become involved in our church at Central Baptist and work daily to mold our marriage according to God's plan. One would be amazed at the happiness that comes from following such a simple plan. Being equals makes it so easy to lighten your partners load when they need a lift. We spend so much family time together. We truly have become one as God talks about in marriage. We do everything together from playing outside, to going to the grocery, to taking naps with the kids on Sundays after church. I can't say enough how blessed I feel to have Brad as my husband. He makes me smile so much lately. My favorite is at night when he is tucking Caroline in bed. (Since at the moment "...my daddy is my best friend") Brad kneels by Caroline's bed as they pray to Jesus. He lets her pray for whatever she wants. She picks up on the smallest things. The other day we drove past St. Jude and Brad told Caroline "that is where little kids like you go when they get sick, that makes their mommies and daddies so sad when they are sick" That night her prayer was for all the sick babies to get better so they can come play with her and so their mommies and daddies won't be sad. The cutest is the end that usually goes about like this... " Thank you for mommy, daddy, CarCar, Nonnee, Papa, Uncle P, Aubrey, Tucker, Christian, CreCre, Granny, Grandpa, mama Lisa ... on and on ... and for EVERYBODY"
God has blessed me with so many things and the more I look to Him the more he blesses. I pray that all that are reading my blog can know this same peace and happiness I feel and that if one does not, that they may find it through coming to know Christ as their personal Savior. This is when you can experience true happiness.

My other blessings are named Caroline and Carson. It is hard to believe time has passed so quickly. As tired as I feel sometimes, I would never miss making the memories to feel rested again. All that will come in time and we will never be able to go back in time. I can't believe that Carson is already 1 and Caroline is almost 3! We have had so much fun in these short 3 years that makes me look so forward to our future. Children really make you serve a different purpose in life. They teach you who you are and who you want to become. No longer do I pray for the things I want but for the ability to be the person God designed me to be so that my children can proudly follow right behind me in my exact footsteps. I pray for their happiness and thank God for the time they are little and innocent, for the ability to hold them and snuggle with them, to rock them to sleep or let them stay up late for movie night, to finger paint and let them play dress up in my best shoes and jewlery. Because they are my children, my blessing from God and they are so worth it. I pray to be the best mommy so that my children can grow up and have the best memories of the best childhood just like I have. So that they will have the know how to pass this on to their children as hopefully I am passing on to them. I thank God for the ability to kiss and hug my children a hundred time a day and for the eyes to see their sweet faces and ears to hear their sweet voices and be thankful for allthe small things that I am able to see and hear.

So what have we been up to for the first half of our busy summer...
We've had a lot of firsts and a lot of the same... Carson turned one, we got a playhouse swingset, Caroline got a big girl bed, we've been busy with daddies (Brad) ballgames, trips to the zoo and the Ripley waterpark, making cupcakes and cookies and eating the batter, getting sticky as we eat popsicle after popsicle, swimming in our tiny yellow pool and coloring the patio with sidewalk chalk, going on family walks, visiting with family, having company over to watch the UFC fights and play ping pong, Carson's first carousel ride and his first snow cone at the zoo which he got his first 2 dollar bill back as change. Carson got to turn around and have a front facing car seat, Caroline has mastered pedaling her bike and Carson loves the battery operated 4 wheeler to ride AND this is only the first half of our summer. We still have our beach trip to look forward to and Caroline's 3rd birthday party. I can't wait to see the fun the second half of the summer will bring.

Hopefully after the summer when the weather starts to cool and I can get my CT boards past me we can start getting together with our neighbors both beside and across the street. We seem to have so much in common and seem to be at the same points in our lives. With our children close to the same age and seemingly the same morals and beliefs. Because having wonderful neighbors is what makes it worth while to live in a subdivision. Last night Caroline came outside with me and could see Carter jumping in his new bouncer next door at Bonnie and Gene's and said I want to go play with him. So this is my goal for the rest of the summer is to learn for Brad and I to come out of our shell some and become more social.

So it will probably be a while before I update my blog again but until then keep me in your prayers that I will pass my CT boards and can learn to become more social.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Weekend Celebration for the 4th

The 4th of July was a wonderful holiday this year. It's always nice for our family when the holiday falls on a weekend because Brad gets an extra day off so we get extra family time together. This time we spent the Friday before the 4th at the zoo. What a wonderful fun trip it was. I think I like the zoo at least as much as the kids. It was busy but not so many people that we felt crowded. Caroline and Carson were able to walk some instead of riding in the stroller the whole time which made the whole day even nicer. There were so many baby animals. Baby ducks, a baby monkey, a baby elephant on the way, several young giraffes. Baby ducks I think made the top of Caroline's list. She was fond of most of the animals as was Carson.

Children always come up with the most hilarious things to say. My top pick of the day was when Caroline said "Look daddy! Those monkeys need to put on some unnerware" Guess she noticed their pink hinies. How could you miss them? My second was when Carson looked up at the very tall giraffe and said "Bird" He sounded just like Flower the skunk on Bambi. I was so proud he said bird for the first time who cared if it was a giraffe instead. We finished off with a snow cone on the way to cat country where Brad and the kids enjoyed playing in the water mister for a while. After our day trip to the zoo filled with a picnic lunch and snow cones, we called it a day.

Caroline and Maci

Carson watching the fireworks

Saturday we hung around the house most of the day but went to a get together at Chase, Lia and Maci's for a firework show. I love living across the street from family. We don't get together near as much as I would like but it's so nice to be able to run over for a quick chat from time to time. Carson LOVED the fireworks. Caroline wasn't the biggest fan but decided they were great if it meant she didn't have to go to bed on time.
Sunday we finished off the weekend of the 4th with the remainder of the sparklers.
What a great weekend to celebrate our freedom.