Sunday, August 1, 2010

A few random days of summer

So recently Brad got me a surprise! A very big surprise for someone who doesn’t like to spend any money. He surprised me with a new Nikon Digital (D5000). I have loved my 35mm Nikon but have wanted to upgrade to a digital for some time now. So here are a few random shots of the kids from the last month to catch us up to date as I play with my new camera.

Bubble Bath time is always a happy time around our house
time for silly hair
lots and lots of bubbles
Carson is always my happy helper
summer means swim time
with lots of water and fun
My sweet little girl!
time for sidewalk chalk
Carson has to get in on the sidewalk chalk time this time too
My happy boy
Just a few from a day at Papa and Nonnee's
One of my favorites!
I love those eyes!
God has blessed us with two amazing and happy children!

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The Howard 5 said...

I'm sure you already love it, NIkon dslr is the best!!!