Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yes that's me

I debated on whether or not to blog about this. NO one ever wants to show a bad picture of themselves but this is our family blog and a family shares all and makes memories with all events so it seemed fitting to have this event in our family scrapbook for 2010. So this is how the story goes: All of us that have boys and girls know of all the differences that come with raising boys from girls. For that matter just the difference of each child we raise. Carson is my sweet, loving little boy but as little boys go he can be a little rough. It is not a trait he does on purpose to be mean only that he does not do things soft or delicate so to say. Carson is loving to do all things boy which falls on the side of being rough. Now that said he is also my big helper and can be so tender hearted. Last Thursday, it was my day off and what do we spend our time off doing but cleaning the house and catching up on chores. We were starting some laundry and Carson was "helping" me. That's his version. My version was he was strowing the laundry as I was trying to get it into the washer. As I bent down to pick the laundry up from the floor, Carson picked this moment to jump into the air to hand me what he was holding. Our heads collided and the was the result:

Yes that's right a big black eye!

Now since I debated on adding this to our blog these pictures are a few days after the fact but eas this is still what my eye looks like a week later.  And now it is starting to eem even a littl funny as things many times do after the fact.  Just one more story for our family to remember of the things that came when Carson turned 2!
I sorry mommy, not mean tooooooo

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