Friday, October 8, 2010

Busy, busy life...

Busy, busy life
So much passes us by
Without a care or a thought
And then a child’s voice can make you stand still.

This was how our cotton pictures came about. I love the fall and anything that comes with the season. I also like the simple things in life and the beauty God surrounds us with. This year my children are big enough that any tiny thing is a chance to learn and explore. I love cotton fields and had planned to practice with my new camera a few shots. But the day we were riding down the rode and the cotton field caught Caroline’s eye I knew it was a must as she exclaimed “LOOK SNOW!” So off we went. They had the best time running up and down the cotton rows, touching and exploring. I think my love of the beauty of a simple white cotton field may carry on to my children. And ever thankful to our farmers we were careful not to mess up any plants. Enjoy our day in the cotton.
Look Mommy!

I love the way they love each other.

This is one of my favorites of the day.

Let's play frog...

Caroline thought it more funny to sit on Carson, he didn't find it so funny.

That happy innocent laughter always makes me smile

After our day of learning we went back with Patrick and Juliana this time to practice with my camera. It helps that they are a photogenic couple but I had a lot of fun snapping a few shots.

This one was my favorite! I can't believe my brother is getting married in only 15 days!

I pray that God will bless their marriage as only He can!

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