Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach

My, my where does time go. Since my last blog entry we have been so busy between vacation, birthdays, wedding showers for Patrick and Juliana and the beginning of my favorite season fall there has been left little time to record some of our favorite memories to our family blog. Enjoy!! I will try to go easy with pictures though I love them, especially with my wonderful new camera.

First there was our family vacation. We always get to enjoy a trip late in the summer after school has started back for most. This year Brad chose the location and yes my wonderful hubby chose with the delights of his children and their mommy in mind. So yes that means to the beach! We decided on Myrtle Beach this year. On our way we went through Charlotte, NC to detour to the new NASCAR Museum then on to Myrtle Beach for the week. On our way home we decided to catch a game in Atlanta to break up the dreaded ride home when vacation is over and you know the work week is close at hand. The kids were wonderful riding in the car to our delight. Our first stop at the NASCAR Museum was a little of a challenge due to only one stroller but nothing a quick trip to Wal-Mart can’t fix. Then on to the beach. This year the kids were a little older so we were able to enjoy the beach a little longer each day than last year. After all day at the beach and a quick nap it was on for shopping and eating. Beach days were over but vacation was not one last stop just for Brad. We caught a Braves game on September 11th which ended with a concert by Montgomery Gentry. What a wonderful time we had.
A day at the NASCAR Museum

Our Family Beach Trip 2010

Me and Carson at Myrtle Beach. I love this picture!

What could be better than a day spent at the beach!

This was the morning I got up to watch the sunset and Caroline woke up just as I was getting settled with a cup of coffee to enjoy a very special moment God sent to us to share.

the best of friends

On to Atlanta

Ready for the game

What's a game without food

Carson's first taste of cotton candy was a success

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