Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yes that's me

I debated on whether or not to blog about this. NO one ever wants to show a bad picture of themselves but this is our family blog and a family shares all and makes memories with all events so it seemed fitting to have this event in our family scrapbook for 2010. So this is how the story goes: All of us that have boys and girls know of all the differences that come with raising boys from girls. For that matter just the difference of each child we raise. Carson is my sweet, loving little boy but as little boys go he can be a little rough. It is not a trait he does on purpose to be mean only that he does not do things soft or delicate so to say. Carson is loving to do all things boy which falls on the side of being rough. Now that said he is also my big helper and can be so tender hearted. Last Thursday, it was my day off and what do we spend our time off doing but cleaning the house and catching up on chores. We were starting some laundry and Carson was "helping" me. That's his version. My version was he was strowing the laundry as I was trying to get it into the washer. As I bent down to pick the laundry up from the floor, Carson picked this moment to jump into the air to hand me what he was holding. Our heads collided and the was the result:

Yes that's right a big black eye!

Now since I debated on adding this to our blog these pictures are a few days after the fact but eas this is still what my eye looks like a week later.  And now it is starting to eem even a littl funny as things many times do after the fact.  Just one more story for our family to remember of the things that came when Carson turned 2!
I sorry mommy, not mean tooooooo

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Patrick!

Happy Birthday Patrick!
Christi, Patrick, Aimee: Just the 3 of us with that special brother sister bond
( and no Christi never has her eyes open in pictires)
Not many pictures for our recent celebration but just a few of the three of us.  Last Friday August the 13th, was my brother's 24th birthday.  We celebrated Sunday with a family get together for dinner and cake.  It was all so yummy.  It is hard to believe Patrick is grown up.  He has always been my baby brother and I have always tried to take care of him.  I sometimes forget he has already entered the adult world and then he will call me and we will have one of those conversations full of worry, advice or problems that you only encounter once you get to the "grown up" world. And that is when reality hits... Patrick isn't a baby anymore.  I am very proud of the man he has become with that go get um attitude based on strong beliefs in God that always pick him up and get him through that next trial of life.  It is funny to me how much we are a like.  I know that when something so small is important to me and doesn't seem to be to anyone in the rest of the world I can always count  on Patrick to find that same importance in what is so important to me.  He is my very best friend somone I can always count on, to share a good cry with or a good laugh.  Worry with or share a problem with someone I always count on.  It's hard to believe that he is getting married in just 2 short months, but I guess that's what happens when you grow up.  So for my baby brother who totally gets this next statement even if no one else does:
Happy Birthday day, Happy Birthday week, AND Happy Birthday Month!

Caroline and her Uncle P!

Christ and Patrick together for Patrick's Birthday
Me and Patrick celebrating 24 years of best friends!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A few random days of summer

So recently Brad got me a surprise! A very big surprise for someone who doesn’t like to spend any money. He surprised me with a new Nikon Digital (D5000). I have loved my 35mm Nikon but have wanted to upgrade to a digital for some time now. So here are a few random shots of the kids from the last month to catch us up to date as I play with my new camera.

Bubble Bath time is always a happy time around our house
time for silly hair
lots and lots of bubbles
Carson is always my happy helper
summer means swim time
with lots of water and fun
My sweet little girl!
time for sidewalk chalk
Carson has to get in on the sidewalk chalk time this time too
My happy boy
Just a few from a day at Papa and Nonnee's
One of my favorites!
I love those eyes!
God has blessed us with two amazing and happy children!