Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just a peek

Have a look at this:

Wanted to share a sneak peek of some of the photographers pictures from my brother's wedding.  They really tured out great! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just had to share

I took this photo the other day, it is one of my new favorites so I had to share.

So now we are up to date on our family blog. 
Man it feels good to have one more thing checked off the to do list.

Busy, busy life...

Busy, busy life
So much passes us by
Without a care or a thought
And then a child’s voice can make you stand still.

This was how our cotton pictures came about. I love the fall and anything that comes with the season. I also like the simple things in life and the beauty God surrounds us with. This year my children are big enough that any tiny thing is a chance to learn and explore. I love cotton fields and had planned to practice with my new camera a few shots. But the day we were riding down the rode and the cotton field caught Caroline’s eye I knew it was a must as she exclaimed “LOOK SNOW!” So off we went. They had the best time running up and down the cotton rows, touching and exploring. I think my love of the beauty of a simple white cotton field may carry on to my children. And ever thankful to our farmers we were careful not to mess up any plants. Enjoy our day in the cotton.
Look Mommy!

I love the way they love each other.

This is one of my favorites of the day.

Let's play frog...

Caroline thought it more funny to sit on Carson, he didn't find it so funny.

That happy innocent laughter always makes me smile

After our day of learning we went back with Patrick and Juliana this time to practice with my camera. It helps that they are a photogenic couple but I had a lot of fun snapping a few shots.

This one was my favorite! I can't believe my brother is getting married in only 15 days!

I pray that God will bless their marriage as only He can!

Caroline's Cupcakes at Preschool

She was so excited to bring cupcakes to share with all her friends.
 Caroline started preschool midyear last year so this was her first year to get to celebrate her birthday with friends from school. This year Carson and I took cupcakes to her class and celebrated her birthday with her and her friends.

Even Carson got excited!  He even got to sit at Caroline's table with her.

Caroline's 4th Birthday

September 26th, 2010
Happy 4th Birthday!
 This year Caroline’s birthday fell on a Sunday so we got to celebrate on her actual birthday. After church we set everything up and had the best celebration at our house. This year was the year of Perry the platypus (off of Phineas and Pherb) for our family. Myself not being one for characters, Caroline is getting to the age where she enjoys picking her birthday theme. So after planning around her favorite colors I decided oh well it is her birthday plus it helps I kinda like Perry myself. Caroline really got into planning her party this year. It started with an episode of the cartoon Max and Ruby. She saw a birthday party on Max and Ruby one day and decided she wanted her’s just like that. You’ll never guess! Good old fashioned pin the tail on the donkey and a piƱata. Believe it or not I think it was one of her best ones yet. Family, a few of Caroline’s friends, hotdogs on the grill, a few games, homemade purple cupcakes, the perfect weather and that was the perfect day.

Yes we made 72 cupcakes and had barely any left.

Sydney and Caroline are the best of friends

Pin the tail on Perry

Pinata time!

Opps I made a mess.

Maci liked her cupcake too!

And Caroline liked hers too

Having a wonderful birthday! Those smiles are priceless!

The beloved Perry
We also got to take Caroline to Disney on Ice and she loved it! It was a great birthday present and just happened that it fell on her birthday weekend. AND believe it or not I have no pictures of that.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Brad!

Happy 30th!
Happy Birthday Brad! This year Brad turned 30. Just another year to him although he hasn’t referred to me as old in a couple of weeks. Brad is a wonderful man, husband and father. I am truly blessed to have him by my side. This year his birthday fell in the middle of the week so it was business as usual. Although we did get him tickets to go to Knoxville for a game. Celebrations were put on hold until this last Sunday. We always have a birthday meal at my parents to celebrate birthdays. The weather was perfect. After church we gathered for chili, football games and a little horse riding. No better way to celebrate another year of life than with family.

Our Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach

My, my where does time go. Since my last blog entry we have been so busy between vacation, birthdays, wedding showers for Patrick and Juliana and the beginning of my favorite season fall there has been left little time to record some of our favorite memories to our family blog. Enjoy!! I will try to go easy with pictures though I love them, especially with my wonderful new camera.

First there was our family vacation. We always get to enjoy a trip late in the summer after school has started back for most. This year Brad chose the location and yes my wonderful hubby chose with the delights of his children and their mommy in mind. So yes that means to the beach! We decided on Myrtle Beach this year. On our way we went through Charlotte, NC to detour to the new NASCAR Museum then on to Myrtle Beach for the week. On our way home we decided to catch a game in Atlanta to break up the dreaded ride home when vacation is over and you know the work week is close at hand. The kids were wonderful riding in the car to our delight. Our first stop at the NASCAR Museum was a little of a challenge due to only one stroller but nothing a quick trip to Wal-Mart can’t fix. Then on to the beach. This year the kids were a little older so we were able to enjoy the beach a little longer each day than last year. After all day at the beach and a quick nap it was on for shopping and eating. Beach days were over but vacation was not one last stop just for Brad. We caught a Braves game on September 11th which ended with a concert by Montgomery Gentry. What a wonderful time we had.
A day at the NASCAR Museum

Our Family Beach Trip 2010

Me and Carson at Myrtle Beach. I love this picture!

What could be better than a day spent at the beach!

This was the morning I got up to watch the sunset and Caroline woke up just as I was getting settled with a cup of coffee to enjoy a very special moment God sent to us to share.

the best of friends

On to Atlanta

Ready for the game

What's a game without food

Carson's first taste of cotton candy was a success