Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas! My favorite holiday! Oh the things I love about it... Most importantly is to reflect on the true reason and meaning of Christmas. The birth of our Savior. What better reason could there be to celebrate and make such a fuss but over the most important and precious birth in the history of mankind. I love the "getting ready" part of Christmas so much. The hustle and bustle, decorating the trees (yes, I did four this year), to hanging stockings and Christmas lights, baking christmas goodies and reading Christmas stories, watching Christmas movies and listening to those good old Christmas hymns, the lights, the sounds the smells...the annual visit to Christmas City, family and all the love and laughter we get to share with family and friends throughout the season. As my Christmas shopping was done by the 1st of November, I was able to relax and really appreciate the season and the true meaning of our celebration. We had a spectacular Christmas this year. Caroline and Carson were both full of laughter and and giggles Christmas morning. Santa brought them each a 4-wheeler, one pink and one blue. Christmas morning as we gathered at out house for Christmas breakfast, as it started to spit snow, outside we went to try out our new toys. The laughter is a sound I hope I can always hear so clearly.
This year for Christmas Eve, tradition changed a little. Instead of gathering at Aunt Cathy's, our family all spent Christmas at momma and daddy's. We had so much fun just relaxing and spending Christmas Eve together. Aubrey and Tucker even showed up in their pj's. Papa and Marsha and Nana were all there and spur of the moment we decided Anne and Sarah just couldn't miss another family Christmas. As the age of face book keeps us all informed of other's lives, I knew how bummed Anne had been over not being home for Christmas so Patrick and I created stick characters out of paper plates and made a video so Anne and Sarah could join us for Christmas. I know CORNY, but we had the best time doing it. Everyone joined in and talked to our paper stick realitives. It really made for some good laughs. Now if i can just manage to get to the postoffice to mail it out. Enjoy some of our favorite Christmas memories.

Christi and Aubrey Christmas Eve

Yummy Christmas sugar cookies

Merry Christmas

Tucker, Caroline and Aubrey always are together.  Where you find one you wll surely find the other

I love that brother and sister bond we share

Patrick and Nana

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning

Carson's favorite gift

Christmas moning Carson can't wait to get outside to ride his new 4-wheeler

Christmas at Granny's

Our family this Chrstmas Eve

Me and Uncle P

Caroline opening her gifts

Patrick helping Sarah stand and momma with Anne

Papa and Anne I think they may have the same smile

Patrick and momma

My and my silly sweet little boy

Brad and I on Christmas Eve

Three generations

Papa and Momma

Papa and Marsha

Christian and me gosh he is not little anymore!

Momma and Christi

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