Sunday, January 30, 2011

January of 2011

January of 2011. Every year we start our New Year with a birthday party for Christi.  This year we also welcomed a new cousin Molly on January 3rd, we moved Patrick and Juliana to their 1st home as a married couple, had a few more slumber parties with Aubrey and Tucker and have had a few Wii bowling matches on Brad's new Wii he got for Christmas.  For New Year's Eve this year, we spent with momma and Daddy.  Yummy chili and chocolate chip cookies and our best Wii bowling match yet.  Surprisingly you would never guess who still holds the lead for the highest score as of March 2011.  That's right momma! The one with absolutely NO athletic ability.  It has given us a fun challenge since no one can seem to beat her yet.
Happy Birthday Christi!

Slumber parties and cousins go hand in hand in our family

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