Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

Uncle P and Caroline starting their eggs

Aubrey and Tucker showing off their skills at dying eggs

Carson thinks eating the eggs would be a better idea

The Egg Hunt

Carson finds the prize egg!!

We had a wonderful family Easter. The eggs were dyed at Nonnee's house this year outside on the picnic table. I think this may become a yearly event. The clean up was so much easier and the kids were able to dye their eggs without worrying about the mess or spilling the dye. Then Saturday Brad and I took Caroline and Carson to church for an egg hunt. Caroline really had fun hunting and although Carson was content to sit by a few eggs on the ground and randomly pick them up, he did manage to pick up the prize egg. The morning of Easter started early with the visit from the Easter Bunny who brought new hooded pool towels made especially for the Easter Bunny by PattyCakes Children's Designs. Then we went to church to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday. Now does anyone know exactly how the crucifixion of Jesus to die for our sins and him rising from the grave so that we could be forgiven and spend eternity in Heaven with our Lord got turned into the Easter Bunny? I just wonder about these things sometimes. Anyway my parents, and brother and sister visited church with us and after a wonderful service and message and a packed house, we all came back to our house to meet Nana and have Easter dinner. I always enjoy visiting with family on holidays. And only fitting Easter makes you realize the blessings you have with your family and the blessing the Lord gave us all by sacrificing His Son. For without His sacrifice we would not be blessed with these memories with our families.

What did the Easter Bunny bring?

Papa, Nonnee, Caroline and Carson after church

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