Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We All Scream for Ice Cream

I remember as a child the joy of hearing the sound of the ice cream truck. The second you could hear the music, everything became a frenzy as you ran inside like the world was coming to an end to find momma or daddy to beg and plead and reason as to why you just had to have some money for ice cream. The rush of hurry quick as if the ice cream man was imaginary and would disappear if you blinked (although when you ran inside you hadn't yet caught a glimpse of his truck only the faintest sound of his music)....
Well now that we live in a neighborhood, we have been able to create this same special memory for my children. It is so funny that what gives you a rush as a child still works after you grow up. The other day although still cool enough outside that most people would not yet be thinking of eating ice cream, we were outside working as a family to get the yard ready for spring and Caroline got to buy an ice cream from the ice cream man. She picked Sponge Bob of course. Being the good big sister that she is she even gave Carson the first bite.

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