Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Often Wonder

I have often wondered (as I most of the time do about things I will never know the answer to) how 2 siblings can be so different. You come from the same parents, you are raised the exact same, with the same rules and same chores, the same morals, values and beliefs, the same love and the same discipline but no matter how you are shaped and molded as you grow you eventually become the person that only God wants you to be. As I have grown older and a little wiser (I'd like to think) I have arrived at a new point with my relationship with the Lord. I have known Him as my saviour and been a believer since about the age of 10 but as I have matured he has blessed me with so much. Now not only is he my Saviour but I have learned to depend on him for ALL including the ability to understand my many wonders. Now that I am married I realize that not only are siblings so different but that your spouse is as well. When you are a child and growing up the word different is not usually a good adjective but as an adult I now realize that being different from the ones we are closest to is what builds those unbreakable bonds. Those differences are what makes us depend on our loved ones and love them unconditionally. They are what makes us a strong united front. Now that I have two children of my own I see the cycle starting over or continuing as I guess cycles do. Although they have many similarities, my children could never be further from opposite. Caroline is VERY independent, but hates to be alone. She is my little snuggle bunny that never stops talking. She is first in everything especially in attention and never misses a thing and will be the first to whine and complain if things aren't going her way. Carson on the other hand is my sweet little boy. Very laid back and always happy and smiling. He hates to snuggle, he just wants you in his presence but he wants to explore all on his own. Now that he is growing so fast I find myself wanting to hold him back. I remember with Caroline, I couldn't wait for the next milestone. The question was always when? When will she sit? When will she sleep through the night, quit crying all day? When will she learn to crawl, walk and talk? Now with Carson being my last baby that question of when has turn into please don't. This is one of my favorite pictures of him crawling and although I am so proud when he will stand up and take a few steps I am so happy to see him decide crawling is still much quicker and therefore for now the way to go. I wonder will there opposites make them tease one another as my sister and I always did that one of us 'had to have been adopted because there was no way we had the same momma and daddy" And of course the accuser was ALWAYS the one that belonged to the family. But as young children we did have very good reasoning to our decisions of why the other was adopted. "Christi was, because she had brown eyes and my parents both have green, but she always told me I was because I had blonde hair growing up and both my parents and her had brown so that proved that she belonged plus my eyes were blue so they didn't match theirs either" What fun we have to look forward to as the sleep interrupted nights turn into teasing one another. So can I say again, now that I see how fast they really do grow can they just stay just like they are?

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