Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BUSY could never describe

Caroline being a mother hen. What's better than a bunch of baby dolls? A real life baby doll. I thought she was so sweet with Maci at my mom's trunk show last Saturday

I know I haven't posted in a while but life's been a whirlwind lately. Between helping my mother get everything ready for her trunk show (which has taken up a great deal of my time over the past few weeks) which by the way turned out pretty good despite that it seemed to slip past most everyone I know and invited, but I am very thankful to those few good friends I have that did attend in support of my mother and now on to this week which is full of planning for Carson's very very special 1st Birthday party... Not to mention that Brad's job is taking him out of town at least 3 nights every week, I am trying to study to take more boards at work (cat scan this time)and my Papa had his triple bypass last Wednesday........does life EVER slow down??? I barely have time to keep up with the normal daily routine much less check my e-mails and respond and post on my blog. I honestly don't know how some of my friends do it. I guess some people truly do work better under pressure. I know I tell people all the time about April for example... 3 kids 2 of which are boys need we say more we all know how our rambunctious boys are but she also has 1 girl and as girls we all know the many needs that come with being a girl. She also holds down a full time job as a high school teacher(way too many close to adult mouths for me), checks her e-mails (yes that's plural for a reason) has 3 kids in ball and 1 in dance as well, volunteers with JA and makes most functions and meetings with that, is thinking about teaching swimming lessons this summer,plays with what 1/2, 3?? Bunco groups can talk on the phone, send a text, check her face book and emails and probably even twitter now all at the same time while driving down the road to a place she's never been but seems to know the directions by instinct while putting on her makeup at the last minute, making sure her kids have what they need before they get there and tying shoes and making sure faces are clean. AND still has plenty of time to keep up with housework, spend time with her husband, family and friends, plan social events, keep up with her favorite shows, go to church, shop, go out of town, coach t-ball and many more I probably don't even know about. Is this all really the job of a wife and mother??? Maybe some of us women are better multitaskers than others or maybe some really do just work better the more pressure they are under but I envy those at times that seem to juggle so much and never drop the plates they are juggling. Maybe I'm just too concerned with how clean, evenly spaced and level my plates are to realize they still keep juggling just the same no matter the direction they are turned in. I'm sure to many, they look at me just as I do April and wonder how I do all that I do but sometimes it sures seems like the day just isn't long enough for the have tos much less the want tos like keeping in touch with those friends that are juggling just as many plates as you and many times more. So since no one probably tells you either GOOD JOB for ALL that you each keep going each day.
Well guess that was my soapbox for the day.
To update everyone, Papa's bypass surgery went very well we are hoping he will be coming home sometime this week. If the Lord willing, he seems to be on a good path of recovery.
Papa and Daddy

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The Howard 5 said...

that's why I'm nuts! Hence the breakdown of tears today!
Being busy keeps me going, but looking forward to a peacefull slow summer by the pool...