Friday, May 29, 2009

Lately... Rain or Shine

With all the rain we've been getting it has left our yard a soggy, muddy mess. So it is either playing in the mud or finding something a little more clean. So in one of the breaks from all the rain over the weekend, our 1st adventure was in the muddy backyard assisting daddy in building our new swing set. Carson loves the mud. If he isn't eating it, he is throwing a hand full of it or walering in it. Our second adventure of the day came after a good down pour. We had already played in the mud and knew there was no place without in in our back yard so to the front we went. This is one of the neat things about living in a subdivision and living in a quiet cove. There's not much traffic ever and so we got the wagon out and walked around the cove as we often do when it is too wet to play outside much. But after a big down pour there is a lot of water that runs to the storm drain and what fun that is to follow and splash in as it makes its way to the drain and spills over like a big water fall. This made for the cutest pictures.
Caroline's adventure with the storm drain

Now that the weather seems to be turning out to be lots of sunshine, it's still all water. Caroline I think would become a fish if she could. Although Carson is not much on the outside water that adds up to any amount. He loves the bathtub but no matter how warm I get the water of their swimming pool he's not up for the fun. Just pour some water on the ground and he'll be content to splash in that. Today Christian, Aubrey and Tucker came to play so we got out Caroline's new sprinkler.

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