Friday, May 29, 2009

Carson turned 1! May 22nd

The day of Carson's birthday started with a present.

Birthdays have always been a big deal in my life. My family always made them extra special for me and I want to carry on that same tradition for my children. Needless to say Carson's celebration was carried on for 3 days. It started with his party at MeMe's or Mrs. Gail's. She bought all the kids that stay with him at the babysitters a small cupcake to have and got some wonderful pictures of Carson eating his. Then on Friday the 22nd Carson's actual birthday, Brad took off work to stay at home and spend the day with us ( I'm already off on Friday's). We were off in search of a swing set and came home with the most wonderful one. I'll post pictures when Brad finishes assembling all the parts. We stopped by McDonald's for our birthday happy meal. Of course big sister Caroline helped in picking our eating location and then on to Baskin Robbins. We celebrate with ice cream on the day and save the cake for the party. Carson's first taste of chocolate chip cookie dough and he is sold on sweets. Then Saturday for the celebration.

Carson eating his first birthday cake.

We had a wonderful time celebrating with our family. For Carson we decided is was only fitting to make this day just about him. We had all our family over for a fish fry. Everything turned out wonderful. The Lord blessed us with one day's break from the rain to hold off until just as his party ended. Although Carson had a good time with the presents and playing, I'm certain the cake was his favorite. And yes he ate the whole thing!! He wasn't hiding any in his seat as I thought I'd find when I got him out of his high chair. There was but a few crumbs there.
It is really hard to believe my sweet little boy is already one. Time with him really has disappeared quickly. I'm not sure if that is because he is such a good baby or because I know he is my last and I'm holding on to him being a baby. It is so funny the things a little boy has brought me. He is definitely not what I expected. He's not usually a snuggle baby but definitely a mama's boy which I love. I know that will be a bad thing one day... (but not for me ha ha!) He is so sweet, and calm but loves things that Caroline never did and will not touch the things she does.

And oh what fun comes with one!!! Carson started walking a few weeks before turning one so he is everywhere. What adventures we will have now!



Caroline, Tucker and Andrew

Carson and his 1st fish fry

Carson's 1st cake all for his own

Caroline helping (not that Carson needs any)

Carson's 1st cake

Nonnee, Papa and Uncle P at Carson's party

Maci enjoying herself swinging at Carson's party. She is so pretty. And now we have another cousin we can't wait to meet as well Adalyn Grace Baskin.

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