Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weimaraner Puppies for Sale

FOR SALE:  AKC registered Weimaraner puppies just born Saturday.  They are so cute.  Very loving dogs, great with children and love being a part of the family.  Great hunters and very loyal to their owners.  4 girls and 7 boys.  If interested please call 481-7112.  These are going for a great price so they will go fast.  Pass the word along if you know anyone interested.  I will post more pictures as they start to grow.

The daddy of the puppies seen on the left and the mother of the puppies seen on the right with the puppies.


Kendra said...

Super cute puppies! What's going on with all your animals procreating?!? :-)

alokseow said...

Too cute Puppies,they would be a great choice.Nowadays dogs are best friend of human, they makes us happy and safe.