Sunday, November 1, 2009

And most photogenic goes to...

Pictures and fall being two of my favorite things we decided to try for a cute fall picture today. As always this becomes quite a feat when photographing my own 2 children. They never seem to sit still, look, smile or mind at the same second. And with them a second is all you get. I've learned that no matter how bad I would love that perfect shot that sometimes our cutest pictures just happen. And even the not so cute... well they end up cute. Because they make such vibrant memories. The expressions I see my kids make I can tell you exactly what is about to happen next from the pictures I catch. Try as she might Caroline is very hard to photograph. She is not one you can pose you have to have the magic of a professional to get that perfect shot of her. Or sometimes luck is on your side or make that the power of God. If she is looking, she's not smiling and if she's smiling then she's not looking. That's just my sweet little Caroline. Carson on the other hand is very photogenic and not that hard to capture a good shot of. That is if you can keep him still long enough. So today most photogenic goes to Carson. My sweet little boy that loves his mommy so much.

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