Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Celebrating with mom's favorite toasted coconut cake! 

Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman I know! My mother! I am one of those fortunate few that can truly say that and mean it with every ounce I am saying it with. I have always been close to my mother and as I grow older I know just how precious our relationship is. She not only has taught me so many things about life but so many things about myself. She has instilled in me the importance of being a good mother and how hard that job might be but that no matter what you have to press on for those little eyes to see, the importance of faith in God and being a Christian and leading your life as one, the importance of hard lessons, the importance of laughter, the importance of rarely heard of words like ‘trogladite’ (that one is for you mom) and knowing the correct time to use them and the story to back them up. She has taught me right from wrong and held my hand along the way no matter how embarrassing or hard the matter at hand may be. She has instilled in me the importance of family and sticking together, of family traditions and celebrations. She taught me so many things before I ever understood what she was preparing me for and she continues to be my main source for any tidbit of knowledge and all advice I may need. She is the first person I call to share a funny story with, or to ask parenting advice, to vent to when I am mad at someone or to ask a favor. To get a recipe from or share a new one I have tried, to ask what type of flour I need to buy when I am standing in the middle of the isle at the grocery and can’t decide the difference between all-purpose and self rising. She is the one I lean on when I need a good cry, the one I go to when I want to learn how to do something new. The last person I talk to on the phone almost every day. She is my truest friend and one I am so proud to have. Happy Birthday! (even though the post is a little late).

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