Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Where has February gone? Usually February is a rather boring month for us. There is usually not much going on , it is too cold to enjoy being outside and we are starting to get spring fever but this year February has flown by. I realized I am behind on my postings and today seemed like the perfect time to get caught up.

So with Cason’s surgery, January just seemed to blend into February. Carson is doing just fine and has seemed to recover just fine. We have a check up at the end of the month and we should be done. Then we had mom’s birthday celebration with a yummy family tradition, toasted coconut cake. And now today we celebrate Valentines Day. In the middle of all we have had snow, snow and more snow. I am glad to see that it mostly seems to be melting away. Maybe the snow is what has made this month seem so hectic because as I sit here and blog about our month thus far it doesn’t seem that busy. Guess it goes to show, that hectic life we lead would overwhelm many of us if we really did go back to basics. It’s hard to juggle using just one vehicle to get two people to work that both have to be there at 7, find someone to keep the kids that are out for snow which in our case means deciding which one of us is calling in sick. (Thankfully Brad’s job allows him to call in, in inclement weather because healthcare has a strict policy against it).

So maybe I’m not doing so bad, just the middle of the month and I’m getting caught up. We’ve made it through the snow hopefully for a week or so, Brad’s work is starting to pick up again, Caroline still loves school and is so happy lately and Carson is still my sweet happy baby. The house is clean, the floors are mopped, the laundry is caught up, bags are packed for school next week not such a bad 14 days after all. Sometimes I just need to look at the big picture.

Today for Valentine’s Day (which remember Brad doesn’t celebrate) Brad decided he would cook breakfast and let me lay in the bed with the kids before church. After a wonderful family breakfast, we got ready and headed to church for a wonderful sermon. And now I am caught up on my blog and all my e-mails. After the kids wake up from nap we are heading out for our favorite burgers at Krystal’s and then to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. For the second year in a row this has been our Valentine’s Day tradition. Which is a fine tradition to me. What could be better on a day to symbolize love than 2 smiling kids looking at you with those big blue eyes and ice cream all over their faces. So Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us with lots of hugs and kisses! XOXOXO

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The Howard 5 said...

glad to see that we are not the only ones who don't do much to celebrate Valentine's Day!