Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nothing Beats a Simple Spring Day

To ease such a hectic few weeks we wanted to share some of our simple photos. Brad just loves it when I walk in and say come on I need you to ride with me down the road to help get a few photos of the kids. I love any opportunity to take pictures of my children and the buttercups of spring seemed to be a perfect reason.

I have really fallen behind on updates but to say things around the Hooper household have been hectic is an understatement. I suppose is seems longer than it really has been when you are working on little to no sleep. But hopefully things will be a little slower this week. After Papa in the hospital and his cardiac cath on Monday, Caroline came down with a virus and kept a fever ranging from 102.5 to 104.7 until late Wednesday night. So after being at the hospital until about 10:30 almost every night with Papa for the past 2 weeks and getting home around 11:15 and then up all night worrying over a sick child and then Carson came down with the same virus I felt like I couldn't drag on another second. But now with both children basically well with just a snotty nose left and things on an up hill climb for Papa The Lord has yet again given me the strength to pull through.

Thank you to everyone that has been praying for my grandfather. His cath results did not fair as good as we were hoping. Of course we were hoping for them to go in and find absolutely nothing but instead they found 3 arteries 90% blocked so they decided at the time not to put stents in; that he would need a triple bypass. Before and after the cath Papa's improvement seemed to be on a roller coaster ride. One minute things seemed as if he would be walking out of there by the end of the day and the next you couldn't get him to wake up. Then he would wake up and be glad to see everyone and the next would be back down hill. After a fall out of the bed while in CICU because he decided he was ready to go home and several other tests, it has been determined that he did suffer a heart attack along with several strokes. So for right now the bypass surgery is on hold and they are talking about trying the stents instead in maybe 30 to 60 days. The stroke seems to be the biggest challenge to overcome at the moment. He is unable to walk right now with out assistance which would be difficult for anyone to accept. He is in the cardiac step down unit at Baptist East and hopefully will be able to return home soon. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. If it is the Lord's will he will be healed.

Today was such a beautiful day. Although a day of rest Sunday is a busy day for me in the sense that it is the end of my week and the beginning of my next week all rolled into one. It works out great for me that way because whatever bad I have endured the week before I don't have to carry anymore with me past Sunday and I start fresh and new to start a bright new week. Today we went to a family fish fry at Grandpa Ronnie's for Jared's birthday. Caroline had a blast learning to drive the 4-wheeler. If you can call pushing the gas with no steering involved or even looking to see where you may be going driving but all the same she very much enjoyed herself.


Amy said...

Okay so I am being allowed to post now...YAY!
Those two are getting so BIG!!!! Looks like they enjoyed there day. I did too! It was so warm out...even though I spent the afternoon cleaning windows! LOL

Christi said...

OMG! Now that Carson is getting bigger, he looks so much like Christian to me! Or, really, all of Christie's boys, since they all favor so much. What cuties!