Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Whole New World can be Seen When Sitting up in the Car

Carson's last ride in the baby seat to church this morning

Today was quite a big day for Carson. He has graduated from his infant carrier to his big boy seat. Not sure if the weight or the age is the true deciding factor in this transition but to say bursting at the seams doesn't say enough. Although just now 10 months old, at 23 and a half pounds Carson just couldn't make it any longer in the infant carrier. Not to mention that I just can't carry him in it any longer. He loves riding in his new seat, although on the way home from Grandpa's tonight seemed to prove to be a challenge. It is a little tougher to drink a bottle and fall asleep while sitting up and the world takes on a whole new scary appearance twirling by so fast in the dark

Look at Carson in his new big boy seat.

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