Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pictures with Santa 2009

Friday night when Brad got home from work we decided to take the kids to see Santa.  In years past I have always taken them by myself because Brad is usually picking up extra work.  This year we were fortunate enough to get to experience this together.  This year Caroline has really started to pick up on the Santa thing.  Everywhere we go she sees a santa somewhere and is tickeled that she  sees him.  Naturally I thought it would be a sinch this year...

So why is it that no matter what you try Santa pictures never turn out as you envision them?  Caroline has talked about Santa nonstop this year so I thought surely THIS year she would run right up to him... Well not so much.  She did walk right up there but still wasn't so sure of the whole process.  Carson started out with all good intentions, but turned around in midstride.  He was tickeled that I had put him down to let him walk and was all for that but when he realized there was someone other than his mommy waiting in front of him it was time to turn around.  We eventually got them both sitting beside Santa for a quick shot and as I've become okay with the idea that our Santa pictures are just not all smiling faces right now.  At least they aren't both screaming and terrorized.  Anyway glad Santa was a good sport and smiled good for his pictures.  Enjoy our attemps!!!

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