Saturday, October 31, 2009



Any excuse for a family get together is fine by us. Nonnee'and Papa, Nana, CreCre, Denise, Aubrey and Tucker came over for trick or treating and dinner. Tonight we had chili dogs and cupcakes. They were delicious!!! Caroline decided she would stick with a hot dog because in her words " I don't want mine to be cold" Ha! Isn't it funny how a 3 year old sees things. We took the kids around the neighborhood. Carson just wanted to walk. He could of cared less about trick or treating. He was just enjoying being a big boy and walking all by himself. Caroline on the other hand was really into it this year. Each house I got a report back as she left " I said trick or treat and thank you" I even joined in the festivities and pulled out an old costume I had and dressed up like a pumpkin. Tucker was an alien this year and Aubrey was a war lock. As you can see they are past the day of 'cute' halloween costumes. Maci came by too and was the cutest little lady bug for her 1st Halloween. We didn't get to see Ady Grace tonight. We will have to report on her costume later but I'm sure she was extra cute for her 1st Halloween! Caroline and Carson ended up with matching costumes. I bought Carson the cutest blue monster off e-bay and it ended up fitting Caroline better than him. That was fine with Caroline she claimed it as hers the minute she saw it because she wanted to be a 'Gruffalo' for Halloween. In case you may be asking What's a Gruffalo? It's the cutest book I think we've read. We received it from imagination library. It is a must read! He actually has orange eyes and a black tounge and sharp purple prickles covering his back. (yes I have read the book enough I have it memorized) Despite the descrepancies in the costume from the book Caroline loved it so we decided they could just match this year. Afterall they are MY little monsters anyway. Good night! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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