Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ramblings of Life

I love the Fall!

Yes that is Carson finally big enough to get Caroline back. Although he really only wants to do whatever she is doing it just so happens that the pack n play made for her babies is not big enough to hold them.
Tonight may be long. Sometimes you feel the need to be longwinded and tonight I have several reasons to be. Nothing of much importance other than it is 10:00 and I finally have the chance to sit down today. Only have to switch the washer and dryer 1 more time for the night! But Brad is sick is my main reason for staying up, though I am already exhausted. He's had a fever since last night that hasn't broken and it is time for him to have more medicine at 11:oo at the earliest so for all he does for me I will ignore that bed that has been calling my name for several hours and share with all that care to read of my wonderful, busy as always ramblings of life.

Friday, one of my friend's little boys who was born a couple of weeks after Carson was suppose to come over and play that afternoon. The day started out WONDERFUL! Both my children slept in until 8:30! That is nothing short of a miracle at our house. Getting to sleep in left me feeling quite revived. (little did I know I was going to need that feeling later in the weekend). We started our usual Friday morning with breakfast and then to throw in a little twist we bathed both dogs. They really needed it after all the rain we have been having. Then back to routine. We cleaned the house, changed the sheets, caught up on laundry (or so I thought)just the usual and the Jennifer called and said they wouldn't be able to make it, Ethan had a fever. What to do, what to do???
So we turned our afternoon into a snapshot because I love taking pictures, especially of my kids. With our afternoon play date canceled, we came up with lots of fun stuff to do. While Carson went down for nap, Caroline and I decided we'd paint our toenails. She picked purple this time, her new favorite color. And we painted her fingernails as well upon her request although it was mostly gone by the afternoon since she can't seem to keep from biting her finger nails. Then as quick as they could dry we busied ourselves with her new art easel Lia, Chase and Maci got her for her birthday. She is becoming quite addicted to it. As soon as she gets up she says "I need to draw on my board" And that is the last statement she whines as she reluctantly goes to bed.
Then on to her new cupcake maker Aunt Cre Cre got her for her birthday. We decided we would try it out and make herself and Carson a cupcake for snack when he woke up from nap. Yes, Caroline was skipping nap. I hate that she is already growing out of naps but from time to time it is just not worth the battle. Plus we usually have a lot o fun spending some girl time together just me and her. Now back to the cupcake maker... Keep in mind that Christi as no little girls so despite that the box clearly reads 8 years +, this was the present she picked. I will say however, Caroline loved it no matter the mess or the fact that the icing reminded me of the taste of Pepto Bismol. Not even Carson would take a 2nd bite of his and he loves to eat any and everything. But Miss Caroline finished her with a big grin.
Then Carson woke up and we decided we would play outside.

We swang and swang, and the we had races, I never seeming to win because the rules kept changing (not that I was trying to win) and then we rode bikes. In for a drink and potty break, daddy would be home soon and there were errands to still be run. AND THAT'S WHEN I HEARD THE SWEETEST SOUND...

"Mommy... you are the BEST mommy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!" Now I know this will not always be the thought in her pretty little head but at the moment it brought tears to my eyes. I though we had a pretty fun day but that definitely topped it off.
Yes, these are my dogs freshly bathed begging me to throw them the ball. They really do not get to play like they did before the kids became so active.

Saturday we went shopping at Mistle Toe Merchants with Momma and Juliana, just because we love stuff like that and boy did it wear Caroline out. I couldn't resist the sweet little picture when we got home.
Now Saturday afternoon I decided to spend getting the kids closets switched out from summer to winter. Brad laid on the couch and watched football while I had a little too much help switching the closets. We finally got out the sleeping bags and the kids played in them for a good while. Brad kept saying he didn't feel very good and about 10:30 I realized he had fever. It hasn't broke since, I'm thinking he has the flu so he is quartined to the bedroom since I haven't gotten the kids flu shots yet. That is where he has stayed and slept all day today. I can't get his fever to break so I am on fever watch with him tonight instead of the kids. I know he feels horrible, but I also know how much he does to help out around here and how hard it is when he is down so I am hoping this doesn't spread to anyone else cause if both the kids get it I am going to need him better to help with them.
Today we celebrated Brad's birthday dinner at momma's. Although he was unable to make it because he was sick. He had requested momma make him roast this year and I knew she had put it on last night so the dinner went on. We took pictures for him though. So that was my busy weekend that is finally coming to an end. Will I get to those 89 new messages or maybe those will just wait another day.

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