Friday, October 9, 2009

James 1:17

No pictures this time. Just a minute to sit and collect my thoughts. Sometimes I realize how our moms must have felt when we were little. All mommies know what I mean. Why is it every time you try to use the bathroom or do anything for that matter, that's always when you hear a loud crash or scream or the kids are banging on the door wanting in the bathroom with you. Me time is definitely a thing of the past. Like today, in the short time it takes to make mac and cheese and hot dogs for lunch, here comes Caroline around the corner with the happiest look on her face and sopping wet and laughing. "Me and Carson are playing in the water HAHAHA" What water I think... Well it happens that in the laundry room I find Carson sitting in the floor delightfully splashing in the gallons of water he has spilled out of the automatic dog waterer that I just filled up last night. What a mess!!! There was about an inch of water covering the whole floor running everywhere. I had gotten on to them before I realized it. Stripped them down to undies and a diaper and sat them down for lunch while I cleaned up the mess. As I was kneeling in the floor wiping the water from the front and sides of the washer and dryer it was dripping off of, I had tears in my eyes. I thought to myself it's just water, it will dry and then this will seem so funny. My poor babies, why does it break your heart such when you have to get on to them. I was only trying to teach them not to play in the dog water but in the end I think I learned a bigger lesson. What's the harm in it? They were only being kids. I have a new understanding to my prayer of God please give me patience. And exactly as I said, now it seems so funny! The look on there faces was priceless. The smallest things kids make into something so fun!

I have finally gotten both the kids down for a nap. They have always taken a nap at the same time but lately Caroline is a struggle to get to take one. You know, when your such a big girl naps are a thing of the past. Although she sees herself as such a big girl I know she still needs a nap. Especially when she comes to my room at 6:15AM ready for the day to start. This leaves her quite whinny by lunch. I look at my sweet children as they sleep and though they will always be my babies, they are getting SO big. There are so many milestones that have come and gone and I am so proud of each new thing they accomplish. My babies are growing up so fast. I am so thankful for the career God lead me to. I always was drawn to the medical field. I have that passion to help people. I take such pride in the work I do but now with a family I am most thankful that God enables me to have a career I worked so hard to get to and still spend so much time with my children as they grow up. To me it is the best of both worlds. I can devote the talents God has given me in the medical field and enjoy giving my children so much. God really answered my prayers when Caroline was born. After 5 years of weekends and then nights, after maternity leave God opened the door for me to move to a day shift with 3 day shifts 12 hour each. This leaves me Thursday and Friday just me and the kids and then Brad home at night and on the weekend to pack in all the family time we can. It really is special time for us. Loving pictures as I do, I see just how much my children change in such a short time. It really seems impossible but we seem like we already have a lifetime of memories. Carson's new laugh is the best part of the day. God is so amazing in so many ways. He gives us the mind capacity to hold all these special memories in our hearts so that we can always treasure them. I am so proud of Caroline. She has been praying before dinner each night. It is a habit we are trying to instill in our children. She says the cutest things. It always starts with thank you for our food and drink and then an assortment of other things. It is so funny the things that are on the minds of children. Like "thank you for our food and drink and the best mommy in the whole world and daddy is to and for Carson and my bike and I want a new one from Santa and thank you Jesus, for God -Amen" This is when I know that I am going in the direction God has led me. If my children think I am the best mommy in the whole world then I must be doing a great job. Their happiness lets me know that all I have accomplished and all I do is so worth each and every day. Today one of my favorite Bible verses seems so fitting to add here...

"Every good and perfect thing comes from above." James 1:17

Now back to a busy afternoon. We are planning on having movie night tonight with all the rain we are having today. Maybe one day soon I will come up with the time to go through the kids clothes in the attic and sell some of them to make room. If anyone is in need or interested let me know and I will work on that size first.

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