Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enjoy My little Buttercups!!!

Although today has turned out to be SO cold outside, I had to share some recent pictures I took of the kids. Okay so I know photography 101... The sun has to be to your back, BUT…

And there is always a BUT… like the fact that we have this little spot close to our house where wild buttercups grow which are some of my favorite flowers. So Friday God blessed us with the perfect day, and this special spot I drive by each morning I could resist no longer. I love this little spot where right in the middle of busy life God chose this little forgotten about field right in the middle of town to share some of His little sunrays of spring. I love all buttercups and daffodils. They are one of the first signs of life as winter comes to an end sometimes even before green grass starts to poke it’s head up. But what makes wild buttercups so special to me? The ironic places they pop up. In long forgotten about places, where old homesteads use to set, in pastures, and by old rusty cars, in over grown fields or just by the side of the road. It reminds me of God’s mighty hand, His ability to see beauty in things we have long ago discarded, His ability to put a smile on my face just by making His flowers bloom. It reminds me that there is no thing too small for God to give special attention. So even though it was after 5, I learned that sometimes you just have to look right at the sun to see that perfect picture God wants you to see.

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