Sunday, March 21, 2010

The joys of loving your neighbors!

Friday was just too nice to be inside so after our short picture session with the buttercups we decided we would stay outside to play. Caroline grabbed her sidewalk chalk and we headed next door to see if Carter could come out to play. Carter wasn’t home yet and Bonnie was cooking supper so we headed across the cove to visit Maci. This is one of my favorite things about living in our subdivision. God has blessed us with the best neighbors. We all have kids close to the same age and they LOVE playing together. About 5 minutes after we got to Maci’s we saw Carter get home but I told Caroline he had to eat supper first. And then I swear within 10 minutes here come Bonnie and Carter. Carter was so excited to come play there was no way he could have had time to chew any of his food. Then Brad finished up on the roof and here he came, then Bonnie’s parents and Jaycie, Bonnie’s brother and sister and Adam and then Chase came out to join us. We had the best time just talking and letting the kids play. And the kids… they played and played. Carson wanted Jaycie to come with him and I kept having to tell him “be careful, Jaycie is trying to learn how to walk.” He was so funny. He would take her little hand just for a minute and say walk walk and just walk right off without her and then come right back to get her again. It was like he was saying “you just walk like this” The kids found some sand to play in and there wasn’t a one of them that didn’t enjoy that. By unanimous decision they will all be getting sand boxes this summer no matter how messy they are. The time just got away and before we realized it we had stood outside talking until 7:30. We still had burgers to grill and baths to get but we had already had the best afternoon visiting. It just made our day perfect to eat a good grilled burger. Boy this summer is gonna be fun!  These are the joys God gives us when we love our neighbors as He has commanded us to.

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