Sunday, March 21, 2010

JA Carity Ball 2010

This past couple of weeks our JA chapter has been busy preparing for our annual Charity Ball. After 6 active years of service I will be moving my membership status to a life member this year so this was a special Charity Ball for me. Despite staying Thursday night until 1:30am setting up, back Friday for more set up and staying Saturday night until 1:30am for clean up the event was a blast. I even managed to reserve Friday afternoon for our family time and Christi’s boys spent the night too. I didn’t manage to get many pictures this year but I did get a few. I can say it is nights like these when you see what all your hard work has accomplished that I am torn about going life. I will definitely miss these active years and all the friends I have made and the fellowship we have.

                                                     Brad and I smile for a quick picture.                              

April and I. Boy do I miss those times!

Outgoing members: April Howard, Aimee Hooper, Carlyn McMillian


Laura Dawson said...

Wow, can't believe it's your last year! It looked great in there Saturday!

The Howard 5 said...

yeah! we're done! But... I think after a little while I'm going to miss everyone!