Sunday, November 21, 2010

3 Birthdays in one!

This year for my birthday weekend we had a party compliments of Aubrey and Tucker having their birthday on the 12th of November and mine being the 15th. After many tears over their birthday last year they decided they would rather just invite family instead of friends. So Sunday the 14th we had their party at momma and daddy’s. Chili dogs and cake, YUMMY! And because my birthday was the very next day I got a cake and presents too. After opening all their presents, Tucker hugged me and when I asked him if he had a good birthday he smiled and said “ I got everything I wanted”. More than anything I think Tucker and Aubrey learned that you can always count on family.


Now of course I love having birthdays so I draw out my celebration as long as possible. However when you grow up things like work always get in the way. So after my 12 hours at work I come home to a pitch black house. Only to hear Surprise! When I open the door and see a cake ablaze at the table and Caroline, Carson and Brad singing their little hearts out. Now that’s a perfect birthday present! I blow out the candles and when Brad starts to cut the cake he looks at Caroline and says “UhOH we got the wrong kind of cake momma doesn’t like chocolate” And her simple response puts the icing on the cake. “ We didn’t get the wrong kind of cake, I don’t like the kind of cake momma likes, I like chocolate.” What a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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