Sunday, November 21, 2010

It started with the list...

Adventures with Santa.
It started with the list. Now that Caroline is learning how to write and can in fact write most anything just not in perfect form we wrote letters to Santa. We got out all the toy books we had collected from the mail and cut and glued and made the cutest letters. Then off to see Santa. Lists in hand and first in line, we sat and patiently waited for Santa to arrive. Caroline walked right up there handed over her list and after thorough discussion turned to make sure Carson got included in handing in his list. They did great for pictures! Not a tear shed and both smiles. Truly a great Santa picture experience this year. I highly recommend an early visit before the hustle and bustle of the season begins.

Caroline can hardly wait to get her list to Santa.

Here Carson, give Santa your list too!

That look of pure belief!

What wonder and amazement the eyes of a child hold!

Kids who can't wait to see Santa = our pictures turned out great! Thanks Santa!
So the season is upon us. And now my list has begun. One week until Thanksgiving. The gifts are bought, though not wrapped. One final week to enjoy my fall decorations and then my favorite season of all begins. Trees to decorate 4 in all or will I put that 5th one up? Lights to hang, gifts to wrap, Christmas card pictures to snap. I can hardly wait!

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