Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween at the Hooper's

Halloween was a strangely calm event for us this year. After church Sunday morning we came home and the kids napped. Around 5pm we decided to start getting ready. Trick or treaters were starting to trickle in. This year Caroline wanted to be ladybug girl and Carson though he said he was going to be a pumpkin ended up being a dragon. Somehow my 2 and 4 year old talked me into doing face paint. Not easy to put on or take off at that age. We took the kids out through our cove of our neighbor hood , came home and loaded the kids up for happy meal run. With that much candy around it takes a good bribe to make something with any nutrients sound better than candy. While we were gone I set our huge bucket of candy on the front porch and needless to say when we returned all the candy was gone. We turned out the porch light and called it a night. What a wonderful family night together!

Yes that is a roar you hear Carson the dragon making and Caroline is Ladybug girl

Snapshots with daddy

And now snapshots with mommy who is usually behind the camera

A quick pose with Jack that is jack-o-lantern

Pictures at our neighbor Nathan's house with his pumpkins the kids have been mesmorized by all season

We even saw Caroline's best friend Sydney

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