Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Wedding...October 23, 2010

The day has come and gone and what a perfect day it was. Momma made Juliana a most beautiful dress. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony was so moving and the reception was so much fun. Even the perfectionist that I am, I didn’t find a single flaw.
Words really can’t do justice nor can the pictures capture such a special day. I still find it hard to believe that my baby brother is grown and married. You know, my brother being eight years younger than me, I guess he will never seem old enough to do grown up things. But married he now is. I am so thankful that Patrick found his true love and that the Lord made sure she was a good Christian girl with good values and a good relationship with our Father first and foremost. Juliana is so smart and driven and beautiful doesn’t begin to describe her. I don’t think I could have picked a more perfect girl for my brother. My prayer is that through God’s power they will learn early the importance of having Christ as the center of their marriage. That they are able to build their marriage according to God’s plan, that it may flourish and grow and they will have more blessings than they could ever dream of wanting.
The parents that give this marriage their blessing

Mr. and Mrs. James Patrick Baker, III

Patrick waiting to see Juliana for the first time with Juliana's maid of honor

Papa and Caroline

Daddy, Patrick and Momma at the wedding

Me and Caroline

Caroline and Tucker

Uncle P and Caroline just waiting...

I love this picture of little prissy

Caroline loves her Uncle P and likewise you can see

Brad and I at the reception

Me and momma at the reception

What a special dance.

The groom's cake

What a silly bunch

Carson getting in on the pictures

The wedding cake

The beautiful bride

Aunt Cathy and Momma

Me and Carson

Caroline at the candy table at the reception.  That was a big hit

A happy bride

Christian, Tucker, Patrick, Aubrey and Christi

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