Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thankfulness for the small things.

Sometimes there are no pictures just words. I did find this picture on my camera the other day and thought it was the sweetest. Caroline can get my dad to do most anything as can any of us at most anytime. The other night my parents stopped by and we had ordered pizza but before they could get out the door Caroline caught Papa and said "can we read my grufflo book before you leave?" I though it was so sweet how Caroline and Carson both climbed up there and paid attention to the whole story while Papa read. I couldn't help but get my camera out and try to capture that moment. If for nothing more than to remind them one day that there was a time they not only loved each other but liked each other. I'm sure the day will come when they fight over more than one having a toy that the other wants but I so love to watch them as they play with each other.
They are growing so fast. Carson is really starting to talk. He can say so many words, of course only I understand most of them but he is so proud of himself when he does. My children seem to be at that perfect age where Caroline has learned to be easy and Carson has learned to be tough so they are able to balance each other out and play so well together. Carson already has developed that younger sibling syndrome. He wants to do EVERYTHING Caroline does. Whether it be play with what she is or color because she is or eat what she is eating. And I think Caroline's favorite line must be "hims my baby brother" as though anyone would have a hard time telling it. They look almost like twins. With those BIG deep blue eyes and blonde hair. They have the same lips and nose. Although Caroline's hair is board straight and Carson's has the sweetest curls. Of course I see not only what everyone else sees of them on the outside but I see their personalities shine in them in everything they do, as well.
I look at my family and I am so thankful for them. It is funny to me that some of the smallest things you treasure the most. Life seems to be flying by me and some days I sit and look at all the pictures I've taken and I treasure each one. I love pictures and can easily sit for hours looking. Each one tells a story and I pray God gives me the ability to vividly remember each detail. My children have already changed so much from when they were born. For instance I knew they would both be born bald. Far from it they were both born with a head full of dark brown hair. Then it all fell out and was replaced by blonde. Each started out so skinny but soon turned into rolly pollies. Carson hasn't made it out of that stage yet and though he is so heavy to carry around I wouldn't mind a bit if he never grows another inch. We measure the kids each year on their birthdays on their own special measuring stick and Caroline has grown 2 inches since last year. I know that doesn't sound like much to most, but to a mommy that wishes time could stand still it is a mile. I watch my children as they grow and I see proof in what God's word says to me.
Psalms 127:3 Children are a gift from God; they are His reward.
I know of all my imperfections and all the mistakes I made growing up to the point I have so far but somewhere along the way I must have done something REALLY right because my children are such a reward. They are filled with such innocence. With sticky fingers and sweet smiles that could light the world. So big and independent with that I can do it all by myself attitude and in the same minute they need you so much. I treasure my parents now more than ever. I have always thought I by far had the best of the best parents. But until you become one yourself you never truely see the sacrifices that your parents make to give you all they can. I never remember wanting for anything and I now look back and see all the sacrifices that were made in order for me to feel that way. My parents still do so much for me. My mom as busy as she stays with her sewing always makes time to make my children really nice clothes that I otherwise would not be able to afford. I am so fortunate for that. I know how much time and money she spends making each outfit. And I know that by the time she pays for the materials to make an outfit and the time she invests in each one it is worth well over what she charges and she makes those outfits for my children out of love which makes them so much more special.
My parents have taught me to be the person I am today and I am so proud when someone says you look just like your mom or you remind me of your dad. That is just fine by me. They have taught me to always give your all and always be willing to help someone out. They have instilled in me the importance of family and honesty. They have taught me about God and hard work; about love and patience and all that has molded me into who I am at this moment. So thank you mom and dad for helping me to be me.

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