Saturday, May 22, 2010

Caroline's 1st Dance Recital

Caroline's 1st Dance Recital
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around
Caroline receives her 1st dance trophy
Over this past year Caroline has been taking dance classes at Show Stars Dance Academy here in Brighton. Saturday night she had her 1st dance recital. With this being her 1st year, her class was to sit with their parents until it was time for their performance. At first I wasn’t so sure how the night was going to turn out. We had quite a busy day. On top of an all day run-a-thon when I got Caroline up from her nap to take her sponge rollers down to fix her hair, it was still wet. On to plan B wavy hair??? Not really okay with me and definitely not okay with Caroline but the best we could do since sponge rollers are the only way to get curl in her hair. When we got to the theater one of the first things she noticed was that her friends from class had curly hair ohhhhhhhhhh! So was it bad that I said “yours is kinda curly too?” As the lights dimmed Caroline began to get very nervous and I thought she was going to freeze up. I just kept encouraging and by the 3rd number she was standing in the isle dancing right along with the big girls. Now time for her number…
No words or pictures could do justice for the pride I felt to watch her up there on stage as she sparkled and shined. She is so proud of herself, of her new trophy and her 2 dozen roses. What a GREAT 1st recital!

Caroline after her 1st dance recital May 22, 2010

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