Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just a Bit about Today

Just a bit about today…

Two kids can make any day a busy day especially when those kids are 2 and 3. This morning started with a doctors appointment for Carson’s 2 year check up. He is right on track as always. Measures in the 95 percentile and knows all his body parts and SO, SO many words. My kids make me so proud! Then on for a little shopping. What’s a trip to Memphis without shopping? Opps! I forgot the stroller so okay shopping was let’s say a little stressful but we survived. Good thing momma went with me. Then we stopped at Steak and Shake for lunch because they have the yummiest shakes. The kids ate a great lunch however the shakes prevented them from taking a nap on the way home. Then it was on to the grocery and then time for a little relaxation. Brad had to work late so we got the pool out and played and had a great time that is after a little whining because we had skipped nap and of course tired kids make whiny kids. Then we found a frog. Neither of my kids would touch it but were both very fascinated. Especially Caroline. The other night I was telling her a bed time story and after the three pigs and the three bears she said I want you to tell me a new one so I made it up as I went. Well in that story was a little frog that cried one day cause no one would play with him cause they thought he was nasty And so today, Caroline sat and stared at the little frog for the longest I’m guessing looking for that tear. Then when the frog finally hopped off she kept saying I want him to come back I will be nice and play with him now! Kids can be so funny. After cooking out and the kids crying all of bath time it was finally 8:00 and bed time. Wonder if my kids will sleep in just a little in the morning after our busy day?

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