Sunday, May 23, 2010

Carson's 2nd Birthday Party

We did not get to have Carson’s birthday party on his actual birthday this year. I was upset about this because your birthday only falls on a Saturday ever so often but sometimes you don’t always get your way so we had to have Carson’s birthday Sunday after church. It could not have turned out more perfect. Tents were set up, monkeys were hung, sand pail party favors were made, kabobs were on the grill…

We had plans for an outside party but it was so hot. So what to do… make the party more fun. We got out the pools and water for the kids and I made a few quick phone calls and it became a water party. Normally I would stress out about altering plans at the last minute but if it’s one thing my kids have taught me it is that ALL plans can and will get changed from time to time or make that MOST of the time. It was actually nice to just go with the flow for once.
Jaycie with whom Carson is smitten
Caroline Aubrey and Tucker

We grilled and ate and ate and ate. The kids had the best time playing in the water and on the swings and in the sandbox. Our neighbors let us borrow their bouncy house and the kids always love that! Then is was time for cake and presents. Those mini birthday parties Saturday came in handy when it was cake time. Carson knew just what to do and after he blew his candles out he looked at me and said “one more time” So of course we did it one more time. The cake was adorable and oh so delicious! Then on to presents. Carson got some really nice presents that we have had so much fun playing with this week. Including his first Tonka truck, a red tricycle and his first train set. Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with us and for all the wonderful gifts.
Uncle P and Caroline are the monkey's of the party!
Carson having a blast in the bouncy house
Daddy, Carson, Patrick, Aubrey and Tucker
3 generations
Little Miss Ady
Me and Patrick
My Birthday Boy

And did I mention I was just going with the flow for the day? Well that included Caroline jumping in the pool with her clothes on instead of her swim suit, the pools slowly turning to muddy water from the many trips in and out and Carson taking his Tonka truck and his new shovel to dig in the yard with his new birthday outfit on. I know you are all proud of me for finally being able to just say “oh well:) "

As the party came to a close time for a swim in that muddy water!

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