Thursday, May 13, 2010

Snaggle tootth at 2?!?!

Monday night I was at work on the down hill slide of the day. It was about 6:15 almost time to get off and my phone rang. Nothing alarming, Brad often calls around this time to see if I want him to save me some of whatever he has made for dinner (especially if it is mac and cheese my favorite). Little did I know what awaited on the other end of the line…

Our conversation:
Me “Hello” Brad “CARSON FELL IN THE BATHTUB AND HIS TEETH ARE GONE!!!” Now before I go any further, let me say Brad is not the one in our house hold that deals with accidents well, that falls on me and since the calm one in an accident situation was at work… well enough said.
Conversation continued…
Me “what!? Hold on calm down what do you me gone” (Background noise is Carson screaming at the top of his lungs MOMMY..MOMMY..) Brad “ HE FELL AND BROKE HIS TEETHOFF! AND THERE IS BLOOD EVERYWHERE! WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?” Me “What do you mean broke his teeth off?" Brad “They are broken off at the gum” Me “Um hold on let me run over to the ER and ask. I will call you right back

Me trying to remain calm all the while in my mind I can hear Carson in the back of my mind screaming MOMMY, MOMMY I leave work early because that is where my heart tugs me. The night was a long one. Carson was worn out from the accident and crying. We finally got the bleeding to stop and thanks to good friends that seem to know people everywhere… Camille called her sister in law Kim who got us worked in with a pediatric dentist the next morning.
Tuesday morning I went to work until about 9:00 and left to take Carson for his appointment. We went to see Dr .Josh Brink in Memphis. Great office, great experience.
The outcome…
After dental x-rays, one of his teeth is broken, the other that we thought was broken off the worst is actually shoved back into his gum most of the way. They are both extremely loose. So for now we will wait for them to heal a little, tighten back up some and see if the one that is shoved into his gum will come back down on it’s own. We go back in July to be rechecked and set up a time to fix what needs to be fixed.
On the bright side, it was better than we thought and I know... he is a boy and they are just baby teeth, but I don’t want him to have trouble with speech learning to talk without his two front teeth which he needs to be able to learn to make certain sounds. On the downside it is going to be nearly impossible to keep things out of his mouth while those 2 front teeth heal, especially since he sucks his thumb at night when he sleeps and still drinks from a sippy cup. Plus he is still a baby to me and he is my last so I am in no hurry to rush him to grow up. 

The night of the accident after we got the bleeding and crying tostop.
The following night we were able to get a few better pictures, although it's a little hard to see exactly how snaggle tooth he looks in person.

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Laura Dawson said...

Poor baby....I can emphatize a litte, Bo fell off the couch when he was 3 and one of his teeth was near coming out, (after I freaked out, and I am usually the calm one) I tried to pull it back into place quickly and we saw pediatric dentist next day, luckily it healed perfectly, but yes it was hard to keep him eating soft food for several weeks. I will say a little prayer that he heals well.