Monday, May 3, 2010

Flash Flooding

The Flood of May 2010 Tipton County

For the sake of documenting things in our family blog that will make up part of our history because our history is a big part of what makes us.

This past weekend, the 1st weekend of May they were calling for severe rain and thunderstorms. I had plans to be out of town for a Junior Auxiliary annual education conference. Brad was going to be at home juggling the kids. My biggest worry seemed to be that Caroline was having dance pictures Saturday morning and Brad was going to have to fix her hair. And let’s just say fixing hair is not Brad’s calling. Momma stepped in to help and all was squared away no worries right?

WRONG! Saturday morning Brad called me and told me it was raining really hard. Me “okay, so are yall not going to pictures?” Brad “I don’t know if I can make it to get Caroline at your mom’s” Me “What do you mean? Is it raining that hard?” Brad “Aimee, everything is flooding I don’t know if I can get my truck through”

Now let me say that I have never been afraid of storms. In fact I really kind of like them. I remember sitting on the front porch when I was little with my dad when it would rain and it always seemed so peaceful. That’s one thing I really miss about having a big front porch. This storm however gave me a different sense of urgency. Not because it was a storm but because I was away from my family. By Saturday night, I was calling Brad frantic to make sure he had the kids in our bedroom and again to make sure he had moved them to the closet because we had gotten word while we were in Mobile that the tornado sirens were going off back at home. As usual, Brad had taken care of everything before I had to ask.

We made it through the storms and flooding with no damage. Not even a shingle blew off. The Lord watches over us and blesses us so much. There were so many families who lost so much. I am so thankful that the Lord holds me in His hand. He enables me to see my many blessings on a daily basis. President Obama has now declared Tipton County a state of disaster. It will take more than that for the many families to return back to normal life.  Thank you to my friends for the pictures so that I could see all that was happening.

Lord, my prayer today is that you will be with each of these families as they pick up the pieces. May you show them how you would have those pieces fit back together.

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