Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another wonderful normal weekend

Our weekend was busy as it always seems to be. I often wonder why we bought that new couch because I seldom get to sit on it. Oh well! We have fun in the end it just adds to my whirlwind life. Friday was busy with with lunch with my friend Kristy, then on to the grocery and we came home and made chicken Alfredo. It was yummy but I won't go into the astounding fat grams and calories I found on this particular recipe. I'll just say I really shouldn't be able to have much more than water until at least Wednesday. But boy was it delicious! Then Saturday was a fun day. First Caroline had dance and then we went to Germantown fest which I always love. Caroline and I went with momma and Uncle P's girlfriend Juliana. Then home to get some fresh corn and peaches put up in the freezer. Never knew I'd be one to put food up for the winter but I guess it is one of those things that comes with age. I love fresh corn on the cob and Caroline can eat her weight in peaches so mine as well have some ready year round.
Sunday after church, I finally talked Brad into digging up the dead dogwood in the front yard and replacing it with a live tree. We went to Lowe's and picked out a new tree. No dogwoods so we settled on a cherry tree which will be beautiful and pink come spring. We went to visit Howard and Janet Jerry (our Sunday school teachers) for a bit. Janet had brain surgery a couple of weeks back to remove a tumor so please remember them in your prayers. Then we came home to plant our new tree which Brad was still determined would come back next spring. As Brad was getting stuff ready to start digging he said again "that tree will make it" So we agreed that if I bent the top of the tree over a bit and it snapped then the tree was dead and we would plant the new tree there. So we did and the tree easily snapped like a dried twig. But sadly when we pulled it out of the ground it had new sprouts all over the roots. Boy did I feel terrible. I really wanted the dogwood not the cherry and now I have a replanted dogwood with the top snapped out. I hate it when I'm wrong. Maybe it will make it.
After bath tonight we tried something new. REMEMBER THESE? I use to wear these to bed all the time when I was little and I would wake up looking like Shirley Temple. So since Caroline's hair will now hold the slightest curl I thought I'd see what these would do. I will keep you posted. So that was for another busy but wonderful normal weekend.

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