Friday, September 4, 2009

What FUN at Papa and Nonnee's

Papa, Caroline and Carson exploring the chicken pen

Carson says I'll pass on holding that

Yes Caroline is hugging that chicken!

Now that I finally have some pressing deadlines behind me I can get back to a few things I enjoy like catching up on my blog and rambling on about my family. Here are just a few recent pictures we took at Papa and Nonnee's. My children love to be outside and are especially fond of animals no matter what kind. Carson wasn't too keen on holding any he just wanted to walk around and explore and what a place to explore. The chicken pen! Could there be any nastier place? But isn't exploring how you find out about God's wonderful world? And what is better information than first hand knowledge? So though I cringe at the thought of my children playing in the chicken pen that's one of their favorite places and Papa and Nonnee's. Now for

Caroline and Miss Kitty

Caroline's most recent favorite thing... a cat! Originally named Elle and now renamed "Miss Kitty" Caroline begs every time we visit to take this cat home. I haven't given in yet but I feel I may soon. It's not that I have anything against cats I actually like them. It's the thought of the added chaos one will bring to our already busy household with 2 busy children and 2 hyper dogs. My mother often reminds me though that I had cats when I was little even though they weren't everyone else's favorite. Is this going to make me give in? We will see. We did tell Caroline that if she can quit sucking her thumb that she can have this cat for her birthday so maybe we both will win.

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