Friday, September 4, 2009

Fort Morgan 2009

This is the scene I've looked at for the past week. So thankful to be blessed with such beauty. Ever wonder how someone could look at something so beautiful and not firmly believe they have God to thank for all His wonders. I am so thankful for all that he gives me and for all the small things I think we all are guilty of not thanking Him for like the ability to see, hear, taste, feel and appreciate. Thank you God for you are wondorous.
We are back from vacation. Fort Morgan, Alabama... This year was my turn to pick where we went so of course I picked the beach!! Where else is there for vacation. Although I must say with 2 kids under 3, relax was not on the agenda but we had so much fun.
There was no just laying out and reading a book as I so love to do at the beach. Instead that was replaced with sitting in the sand as in a giant sandbox covered in everyplace possible with sand and digging and building. There were seashell hunts and swimming with sting rays. It was really wonderful to spend a whole week of nothing but family time with no interuptions.
First time to see the ocean

Our first day we saw a few jellyfish but they were gone by Sunday.
On Sunday a man caught a stingray in a net and brought it to shore for everyone to see. The kids got to touch it and thought that was super neat. I say sting ray or was it manta ray I don't know the difference. They were everywhere. You could walk out about 300 feet and still only be waist deep. Schools of sting ray would swim within 10 inches of you and split in just enough time to go around you. Them being so close to shore brought the dolphins in close. About 300 yards out you could see dolphins.

On Monday there was a man bank fishing who caught about a 2 foot shark we got to see up close and there were tons of fish all around.

Yes that is what you think, Carson can untie a swimsuit

We even ventured out to alligator alley for the kids. On the one day that ended up not being a bit overcast and with no wind but the kids enjoyed watching the alligators and that was our reason for going.

The food was wonderful and the best was not cleaning the kitchen afterward. We ate at Lamberts and LuLu's which I think was my favorite and we even did a little shopping and Brad actually bought some things.(HAHA) I definately wouldn't mind having a beach house as my second home. But now vacation is over and so the wind down of our summer begins and on to my favorite season fall. But not to rush there is plenty of hot weather and memories to be made before fall arrives.

Brad and Caroline after a long day.

Two of my favorite pictures from the beach

Mommy and Caroline at LuLu'sCaroline showing off the crab we caught
Me and my favorite pictures of my babies

Daddy and Carson

Time to dig

Carson loved the sand

On the way home what a perfect picture for a girl that LOVES watermelon!

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